150 m to predict 200m times


I want to know what is the relationships between the 150m and 200m times. If a 15yr old boy is running a 16.1 (hand timing ) in the 150 m what can i expect from him in the 200 m. What is the best way to train him for the last 50 m in the 200m race. He will be doing a 100m and 200m race this saterday.

That depends on how it was timed. Assuming that it was standing start from first movement he should be in the low 22s range as long as his last 50m is not terribly bad.

I don’t think a 15 year-old needs to be trained specifically for the last 50m of the 200m. If you carefully and gradually build up his speed and fitness, things should take care of themselves over time. Too much SE is not good at such a young age.

Thanks.Timing was done on gunsmoke out of blocks in a 150 race.
I was thinking of let him do some split runs 150+60 for speed endurance

Don’t have him running beyond 150m at high intensity until he’s at least 16. Best way for him to improve is development of general fitness using medicine ball work, circuit training, tempo, and of course speed. Don’t flog him, you might get good early results but his long term development will be badly affected. Good luck.

In that case, it could be worth a sub 22.

I have an old chart from my Level 1 instructor that puts him at 21.89 from a standing start, and at 10.91 in the 100m.

If he’s competing this saturday - my suggesstion would be not do anything the athlete is not used to. If the kid has never ran anything more than 150m, now won’t be the time to do it. In future if he has enough competitions every month, competing will take care of his fitness. If you can put him in 4 x 400 relays in future, especially other than the first leg that could be a good endurance training session and will help his 200.

I don’t disagree with you but maybe you should tell this to Bolt middle/high school coaches they cheated him big time he probably could be running 17’s in the 200 by now.:wink:

Thanks for the inputs. He was doing some 300hurdle race in the beginning of the year only in competitions, I never let him ran more than 150’s in training most of his training is up to 60m and some 60m split runs. I will post his results in the in the 100 and 200m races this Saterday.

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There is a chart that extrapolates 150m times to 200m and 400m: