11.62 to 11.14 from november to around february or march can it be done?

I was wondering if anyone knows if my goal of going from 11.62 to 11.1 or around that is possible in the time frame?if it is can anyone tell me what i need to do so i can get it atm i’m building up strength and working on technique.

It´s 1/2 second in about 4 months…
How older are you and you´re training for how long ?

i’m 16 and this is my first time preparing for track other than running for football last year i was running 11.6-12 consistently and i got no training besides what i find out for myself.

Blaze, If it can be done by you, you need to get to the point mentally where you don’t have to ask if it can be done, [b]ANYTHING CAN BE DONE![/b]

With that said let me tell you where your falling short.

  1. Your goals need a clear definition: February or March is NOT a clear definition date. Make it something specific like: Saturday February 26th 2005

  2. Develop a plan 11.62 to 11.14 equals a 0.48 drop in three months, which is big! Make smaller goals. If you havent broken 11.60 FAT, then that should be your first goal.

  3. Be flexible with your goals: Obviously if you hit your goal early set a new one. But make it just as modest and just as specific.

The first time I dunked a basketball was in a dream…5 months later I did it in real life. Last month I had a dream I went 10.45 FAT in the 100m, but it hasn’t happened in the worlds reality yet. In my mind it has already happened though, because I felt it and I experienced it. LL Cool J once said, “Best believe it, if the mind can concieve it, the man can acheive it.” He’s not the only one to say it. Having heart means believing in yourself bro, that’s the only way you can acheive anything big.

Ok i want to get 11.14 may 22nd 2005 and i ran an 11.62 FAT at districts last year and they had cameras and the whole system

anyone else got anything to add?


i read that before

Can anyone give me any idea how i should go about doing it?

Well, the best way to research something thats already been done is to find out how other people did it! You can then use your own intelligence to tinker with what you think might work if you are knowledgable in the area.

Here’s what I would do:

  1. Get a training partner: Your workouts will get more intense.

  2. Get a speed coach or track coach: Your workouts will get more intense.

  3. Get an education in the field you want to be successful at: Your workouts will get more intense.

  4. Surround yourself with like minded people: Your workouts will get more intense.

I hope you get my point. Even if you work with a good coach once a week, you will learn a good amount if they are good. Some coaches will work with an athlete for as low as $200 a month, which if you work on the weekends at a descent job you should be able to swing depending on your situation.

Remember, if you have the drive to want something bad enough, you will find a way to get it…

1.I cant find anyone in my school that wants to train with me they all got there own thing rambling on about ankle weights and why i should use em instead of my vest.

2.My cousin coaches me

3.Thats why i am here

  1. kinda hard

Blaze, there are googles of backposts that answer every question youve asked. You will need to do a good amount of research yourself. I doubt anyone on this board is going to sit down and write you out a program unless it’s for money, because non of us obviously know you. A coach can only make a program for an athlete he knows well. My advice would be to read the backfiles, get Charlies book, visit Charlies online store, you need to do this stuff yourself. After you have a basic program totally written out based on the stuff youve read, post it, then I’m sure people will take your efforts seriously. It should take you a week to kill Charlies book, pretend you are studying for a class. I’m telling ya as if you were my little bro!

I believe you can do that. During my first year of track i ran a 12.4 in the open 100m.My second year i ran a 11.16. But I think its all about what and how long you been training before that. My first year of track was my first sport ever. It will be my 3rd year in 4 months

btw i was 17 when i first started sports and im 19 now

i would say it is definately possible. especially if now your goal is may 22nd. when i was a freshman i ran 12.6 hand timed. with mainly just conditioning work like intervals and stuff. then i dedicated the rest of that year and the following to football, lifting weights alot of speed work and plyos. my first meet of my sophmore year was the 3rd to last of the season cause i only did the meets cause we had a break from spring football. i finished with 11.54FAT that season. so thats more than a second drop. and that is about the same amount of time that you have. keep your spirits up and you’ll be able to do it.

find ur biggest weakness and work on it. i realised i am one of those powerful sprinters who lack ENDURANCE like crazy. when i was ur age at 16 i dropped my time from 11.51 to 10.86FAT just from working on very basic fitness and endurance. hardly focussed on strength or acceleration and it has worked. u should do the same. find ur biggest weakness and hit it hard. only that will give u a massive improvement in a very short time. gluck

i bet my weakness was strength, explosiveness and just plain old speed.