100meter race

what are the phases of the 100m race and what should I focus on in each phase?

Forget phases. The only thing you should focus on is pumping your arms. Everything else will take care of itself from there.

I would work more on max. velocity.

I agree with fluke. If your ability to maintain maximum velocity is increased, you should see results.

I think I misunderstood your question. Are you talking about the actually running of a 100m race, or the training?

I’m talking about the actual running of the 100meter race.

so again, just focus on the arms.

Buy one of CF’s books
Top Speed
I think in CFTS its
I added the detail to the body section based on what I have read.

wot a load of sh#te!
don’t worry about body angles, stride rhythms or even foot plantation, jst pump the arms!! ha ha!

“When the gun go off, the race be over!”

…or something to that effect!

[Speed Trap]

Posters like you, really drag sites like this down.

sorry, I must hav mistaken this site for one were u can express your own opinion!

Actually that’s not a load of shit.It is one of the best cues for teaching acceleration. So you recommend someone to 'worry about body angles, stride rhythms or even foot plantation" while in the midst of a race. If so when can I race them?

any time, any place!

so I could be runnin side ways, but as long as I am pumping my arms its fine!

the question presented was wot are the phases of the 100m.

the reply was 4get the phases and jst pump the arms.

I understand that the frequency you pump your arms is important as it can help control the the frequency and stride length of the legs, but neglect phase is a foolish thing to say!

i don’t think he meant forget the phases training-wise, but racing-wise; no time for thinking…

and yes, during the acceleration phase -to start with- arm movement should be emphasised and legs will follow

I’m with andy o (unless the original poster is 5years old!)

Being educated on how to run the race aint bullshit. Once an athlete has an understanding of the principles of sprinting 100m, you can tell him then to " just pump the arms"…

Master the shit in training, then ‘yes’ it should just flow in race. I wouldnt agree nikoloskuspus on ‘no time to think’, need to be aware of what your doing during the race).

I don’t really agree with
“during the acceleration phase -to start with- arm movement should be emphasised and legs will follow”
cos the most important thing about a start after the reaction, is where the first step plants, the first steps will set you up for the rest of the race, yes the arms should be pumping long and high at the start.
the first stride should be long with the comprimise of speed.

if you search the archives, or look at Charlie’s material, you’ll find my reasons for saying these…

“The first stride should be long with the compromise of speed?” Oh really?
The race isn’t set up by the first step out, it’s set up by the action in the blocks, followed by automatic actions after, dictated by the arms.

“automatic actions”, i.e., no time to think (you don’t think when you drive, you don’t think when you sprint) -being aware and concentrated is a different thing altogether, and

“dictated by the arms” and the legs will follow at the right places (CF, again; with some back-up research by the E. Germans; or was it the Russians? damn it!)

hope it helps!