100m time for sub23 200m

What’s the 100m time required to run a sub23 in the 200m? i dont mean 100m as in the split but 100m itself. I’m thinking its around 11.3 - 11.4, with a split 200m time of somewhere around 11.3 + 11.5

I’ve run 11.3 for the 100m and my 200m PB is 22.4, so it looks like you’re right! :slight_smile:

Nice, if 11.3 is possible for 22.4, do you think 11.5 is possible for a 22.9?

It depends on your sprint endurance and all that stuff. It’s possible to run 100 meter in like 11.7 and have a sub 23 200 if you can maintain top speed for a long time. On average it would be around like 11.3-11.4

Interstingly, I can still run low 11’s for 100m but haven’t broken 23 seconds in the 200 this century. I attribute this to a lack of speed endurance training and general fitness levels. Years ago, during my junior college track career, I ran 22.0 in the 200 meter yet was only running around 11.3 in the 100m. At the time I was a 400/200 sprinter and had way too much long runs in my training which I feel ruined my initial burst and quickness. Running fast times in one event really only gives you the potential to run good times in another. The training effects of one distance are pretty specific IMO.

I see, so there are two different approaches to this, top speed or speed endurance?

What do you mean? For 200 m? Speed Endurance, please!

shoot i run under 11.3 - 11.2 and my 200 is a shade over 24.00


I’m 11.5 and low 23s…I think it’s something you can’t decide by any factor of “well he runs 11.2 so his 200 time is this” I think it’s all about how you train and what for. A long jumper may run 11.2, but they have no speed endurance and won’t run a fast 200. I’m more of a 200/400m kid and so I have to have speed endurance.

last year i was at 11.8-11.9 consistenly and i ran a 23.4-23.5, still havent run the open 200 this year but with me going 11.3 easy i should break 23 no problem. hell there was a kid last year that ran a 10.8 but only managed a 23.3

yikes haha, i see then. Speed Endurance is the way to go!