100m,200m to 55m,300m

I have a question based on how i should change my training scheduale (sp? :stuck_out_tongue: ) to better accomdate indoor events (55m,300m) rather than outdoor events(100-400m) here is my current scheduale(sp), thanx to 400 stud
Monday - Int. Tempo
Tuesday/Thursday - Ext. Tempo
Wednesday - Bleachers or Triples or something CNS taxing besides speed work
Friday - Hills
Saturday - Long Warmup and strides

Monday - Acc. Dev.
Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday - Ext. Tempo
Wednesday - Int. Tempo
Friday - Hills

Monday/Friday - Speed Work
Tues./Thurs./Sat. - Ext. Tempo
Wednesday - Speed Endurance

Oh put me on the spot why don’t you :wink:

You can add strength endurance work on the Saturday Ext. Tempo session with things like Running A’s and then overdistance Ext. Tempo (300m and above). Other than that, you obviously know what I think about it :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW - Did you tell Rupert I referred you?

heyhey gotta give credit where it’s due :cool: and about the referring thing i didnt know what ur name was on the boards so i couldnt refer n e one, but now seeing as ur name is what it always is it makes me look like an idiot lol… And this strength endurance is done every week?

Could and probably should be at least through SPP.

I’ve been trying to find an explaination on triples but i have been unsuccesful, can somebody please expain to me what triples are?

Ask Chris30. He knows the most.