100 and 200 meter training

I understand the importance of developing acccl. and why accl. is necessary to develop max velocity.

But, I have a question I am working with high school kids and we are going through a 6 week GPP segment with 2 days dedicated to accl. development such as hills less then 30 meters and sprints less then 30 meters. After this period I was planning on spending 6 to 8 weeks (based on weather) on speed development such as flys and in and outs.

However,after this 2 month period the weather will get too cold therefore we will be forced to move indoor and only be able to do sprints of 25 meters…so is there a reason to spend 6 to 8 weeks on speed development even though I know that we will return to accl. I just do not want to spend the first 20 weeks on accl.

Any suggestions would be great.

I would suggest cutting down your accel. training period by a few weeks and touch upon max Velocity. After that time wehn you are forced to move inside you may have to do accel. work and speed endurance work such as 5x3x30 with short rest between reps and more between sets.

Sorry to cut in guys, tell me to butt out into another thread but I have a slightly similiar problem. Our indoor facility is 80m long so when moving fast my male sprinters have to put the brakes on severely if running 60m, so I tend to stick to 50m at high speeds. Does any one have any suggestions re speed endurance. I would normally use multiple reps and sets over 60m outdoors, would we lose much in dropping back to 50 or 55m and doing them indoors avoiding bad weather. This is a new facility, the old one was so short I didn’t bother with indoor running much. It was supposedly built for elite athletes, not much use for an elite sprinter though. :rolleyes:

Take a look at the vancouver graphs from the dvd if you got the dvd. Charlie goes over the split runs and gives a sample plan. I think 80m then trying to stop would work alright (this is about as much as some of the pros have indoors), but you could definitely manage 55m if elites can use 60m as spec e.

YOu can work well with 50m. Unless they are running 10.4 or faster then they probably arn’t accelerating after 50m anyway but to check just put some markers down and do a bit of video analysis. Do you have crash matts at the end? Think about how short a distance they have to stop when racing indoors anyway.

Thanks guys, I have the 04 DVD but despite efforts have not been given access to the graphs. Not to worry, if you run 80m you hit the wall. Yes we can use mats, its just a hell of a strain on the legs to pull up sharply. I take your point though about using 50m as the guys are high 10s low 11s runners so that should work. If they get much faster (sincerely hope so) I can always take a sledgehammer to the end wall of the building. :smiley:

Forgot to ask, would you increase the volume slightly for your 50m sessions to match the total volume if you were using 60m. Or just stick with the same amount of sets and reps as recommended for the 60m. Does that make sense, its Friday afternoon and I’m wiped out.

Does it make sense to spend 6 to 8 weeks (or a little more) on Max. Velocity even though you may be spending the next three months mainly on accl. development?

Would the athletes be taking two steps foward and one backward?