10 day taper post hammie

Question for you.
I have US National Masters Championships beginning 8-7-03 next week. I have been competing for about 8 yrs. as a master. I turned 45 last week, and am a 100 200 sprinter. At any rate, I strained my left hamstring on July 10th 130 meters into a 200 and have been recovering ever since. It went well so Monday I started the 10 day taper recommended in CFTS and was able to do the 30’s the flying 80 (9.3) and the flying 100 11.6 and some light block starts. (afraid I would hurt something) My season PR’s are 10.87h and 22.4h. I have a great chance at winning and breaking my age group world record 10.96 in the hundred. What should my next days look like? If nothing else, I plan on following the 10 day. Thanks:rolleyes:

I went ahead and did the recommended workout for today ie the 4 X 30’s 4.28 4.22 4.13 4.07 and a 120 14.55 95% no pain, no issues I guess it will be wise and safe to just follow the peak plan out eh??? Somebody say something…

I would be careful and make sure to do a bit too little rather than a bit too much. You can’t make up for lost training time by training harder and getting (re)injured will slow you down much more than coming in less than optimally conditioned.

Good luck!

X said it all - too little rather than too much.

Just to add - if you can get a good therapist to give it a good rub-out and ease out the muscle, especially at the inserts and not to ignore the other important muscles, glutes, groin etc.

You should find this a big help.

thank you two for the replies. I have been under the watchful care of an excellent therapist here in the Northwest which is part of why I think I’m doing so well. I will be careful and continue the peak model and let you all know on the 11th how I did at nationals.

Best of luck! I am recovering from a left ham pull as well. I’ll be competing in Masters starting in March. Hoping for mid-low 23 FAT indoors.


It is one of THOSE days … For no reason, I cannot find the 10 day tapering period in Charlie’s books - and I have studied the topic before. Please help! In which book? On what page?

Its found on page 108 of the Charlie Francis Training system book, page 122 of the e-book. Its called peaking micro-cycle and not taper as I phrased it. My bad

Also for all those interested, the hammie in question held up fine. I strained the other one in the prelims (11.55) but ran a tentative (11.30) in the final for the silver medal. First was 11.17 :slight_smile:

Not bad, thats fast especially for a hamstring pull. Do you have any other meets left. How do you fair in next years indoor circuit?

No more meets left. Sorry for the slow reply, I’m coaching football. As far as next year indoor, I prep at the university of Wa, meets and then will go to Boston for the Nat’l champs in march.