ZMA Nightcap Drink - New

There is a brand new ZMA nighttime drink available from Snac System, the original makers of ZMA. The new ZMA Nightcap comes in two flavors. Rootbeer Float and Apple Berry. This product was developed for people who prefer a very small 4-6 ounce great tasting drink before bedtime instead of a capsule form of ZMA. The effects of ZMA Nightcap are much faster and seem to be much stronger in terms of the depth of sleep induced compared to the capsule form. The ZMA gelatin capsules take about 20 minutes to disolve before the powder is released and the effects of the ingredients begin to gradually start working. In a liquid form, the ZMA ingredients begin to take effect almost immediately. Many of the elite athletes that have been taking ZMA capsules for years are reporting that the new liquid ZMA is much more effective than the original capsule delivery system. I know that SNAC gives people from the Charlie Francis site a special discount price on ZMA capsules and I am sure that they would also give a special discount price to Charlie Francis members for the new ZMA Nightcap drink as well. Ask SNAC about free sample packets of ZMA Nightcap that are also available in both flavors. :cool:

Thanks for the heads-up!

THE COMPANY gave me samples of this about a year ago. The rootbeer tasted good, and it should as it had a TON of sugar. Not sure if they changed the formula or not, but I would never drink what he gave me at night like suggested.

And another point, it takes about 10 seconds for a gelatin capsule to dissolve in your stomach. Just drop one in a cup of orange juice and see what happens. Tablets are a different story all together because of the compression.

Dear Zeppelin:

I suggest that you try the new ZMA Nightcap for yourself and see if there
is not a huge difference in the effectiveness between the liquid
and capsule forms of ZMA. The proof is in the pudding as they say. Samples of both flavors are available and they are free of charge.

How many grams are in a serving size? I remember it being around 40g or so. No info on the site about that however.

Dear Zeppelin:

You are absolutely dead wrong by stating that “it takes about 10 seconds for a gelatin capsule to dissolve in your stomach”. In addition, I just tried your suggestion to “Just drop one in a cup of orange juice and see what happens”.
After 50 mintues the gelatin capsule had still not dissolved and absolutely
zero powder had been released. I used 100% Pure Florida Orange Juice
and even periodically submerged the entire capsule. I will admit that
hydrochloric stomach acid may possibly be stronger than orange juice, however, to make a statement to the effect that a gelatin capsule will dissolve in “about 10 seconds” is just ridiculous. Why are you so determined to be a hater? What is your agenda? I think that the serving size for
the new ZMA Nightcap is about 27 grams. There are about 4 grams of sugar and think about 16 grams of maltodextrin. I do not have a label handy at
the moment. Why don’t you call and get a free sample and then give
some feedback. What have you got to loose?


Is there a purpose to the sugar besides taste? What does zinc and magnesium do besides the anabolic effects…charlie had some ideas on why he thinks ZMA can help CNS recovery…any specifics?

If a gel cap dissolves in your stomach in 10 secs, I think you might want to call a doctor- you’ll have a hole in your stomach lining pretty soon!
716, I hope to get some soon to try out (hint hint). We’ve used the capsules with a tsp of Glutamine at bedtime with good results. what are your thoughts on that combo and would that be changed by switching to the liquid?

[QUOTE=716]Dear Zeppelin:

Why are you so determined to be a hater? What is your agenda?" QUOTE]

No agenda. I just call it like it is. Because I don’t necessarily agree that the drink mix will be a marked improvement over a capsule you call me a hater?

Charlie, I just tried this little experiment:

Heat 1/4 cup orange juice (vinegar would be closer to the right ph, but I didn’t have any) to about 90 degrees F (the inside of the stomach is usually above 98.6, but I wanted to be low here) checking with a digital thermometer as gel caps will not dissolve in liquids at cold temps unless the pH is very low. This probably was the mistake made when you used the orange juice if I had to guess.

Drop in a gelatin cap and swirl a bit as would happen in your stomach.

The caps I just did broke open in 14, 18, and 20 seconds.

You never had a capsule lodge somewhat in your esophagous and burp up the disgusting powder? The longest it would ever take a capsule to dissolve in your stomach is 10 minutes. The moisture content of the ingredient, tempurature it was stored at, relative himidity of the storage environment, etc. will all affect the shelf life of the product. There are many different kinds of gel caps with different types of polymers that alter the dissolution properties as well as the interaction between it and the contained chemicals. Items such as PEG and Glycerin are used in a fashion to alter the properties to make softer caps, such as that for most fish oils and the new Tylenol LiquiCaps. Most should contain hardly any moisture but problems can arise and the gel cap properties can be changed making it unlikely that it will be dissolved quickly or even at all. But if done in a quality fashion and stored properly, less then a minute and the contents will begin to flow out.

I like liquid drinks when it can be done as it simplifies things and does speed digestion, I don’t want to give the wrong idea here.

Dear Charlie:

Some tubs will be sent to you of each flavor of ZMA Nightcap to experiment with and get feedback from several of your athletes. I look forward to
your feedback and thoughts regarding the comparison with ZMA capsules. Thanks for your time and interest in making an evaluation.

That’s great, thanks! Any chance of getting more capsules for a direct comparison as well? We love em and went through everything you sent before. What about taking Glutamine at the same time? Any problem you see? (We found it very effective)

is zma for advanced athlete? or should a high school student like me take it also? i see that its mostly zinc and magnesium. im already taking 50mg of zinc per day and 2 tablets of multivitamin. i found out that i recover a lot faster. is this kinda like what zma does?

Dear Charlie:

An equal amount of ZMA capsules will be sent so you can do a comparsion with the new ZMA Nightcap Drink with several athletes. So far, most athletes are reporting that there is a significantly stronger effect and that the effect begins to take effect much faster with the ZMA Nightcap drink compared to the capsules. :slight_smile: Looking forward to receiving the feedback.

Dear Charlie:

There should not be any antagonistic effects between ZMA and glutamine
when taken at the same time.

I have to agree with Zeppelin on this one. The directions for the capsules give more than enough time for the capsules to dissolve before stage 3 and 4 sleep.

Charlie, what dosage of glutamine are your athletes taking? Also, powder form? What about it’s bioavailability issues? Up the dosage to help with that? Further info would be appreciative.

so does this or does this not have added sugar?

What is the minimum reccomended time for ZMA ingestion after a casin-type shake 716 for both the drink and the caps?