youth training

What type of training program should i put a 14 year old male on, running and lifting wise. I know this is a little broad but I’m just generally considered about the intensity. I don’t want to overdue it. If he where in his 20’s I wouldn’t have a problem but at his age I’m not quite sure. His times are 12.9 and 25.9 in the 100m and 200m, after one year of high school track. Any help is appreciated.

I am coaching a 14 your old female at the moment. I have been coaching my 16 year old male since he was 13. I keep the intesities high, the volumes to whatever they can handle, and no heavy weights until they are done growing. I find that medicine ball stuff is a great substitute for weights. It can all vary though. Last year with my male I got him doing weights, and he responed poorly. This year, the response was great. His volumes are still alot lower than an elite sprinter. Next year we will increase the work load again.

With the 14 year old girl, I am taking things day to day, always making sure the work is done at max intesity on speed days, or we just call it quits. Both athletes are currently doing 3 speed days and 2-3 tempo days, along with core work 6 days a week. Yesterday the 14 year old ran the 30m in 4.14sec ht. That is already down from 2 weeks ago when she ran it in 4.38sec. She has done nothing over 60m except for one 100m test (13.38). (She just turned 14 on the 13th).

Keep it fun.

Well I just turned 15 and while I was 14 and I had a pretty good year. We actually lift weights for school but it was during our P.E. class and I usually just skipped out on that and a few of us would go to the track and have an early practice before our afternoon practice. For the 100 meter runners we do a lot of plyometrics and some explosive full speed runs like flying 40s and 150s at around 16 seconds. 200 and 400 runners we do the 100 meter runners work also and the longer stuff and the speed endurance work. We do medicine ball too but not as much as the weights. This year I ran 10.86 for the 100, 21.96 for the 200, and 48.67 for the 400 so I guess that it all worked out pretty well. Also we do work to “enhance” the fast and long twitch muscles.

Herb. so if my athlete where only 5’8 130, should we lay of the weights and let him develop a bit. He seems to be more of a 200m sprinter. Should he be doing under 60m or should we put some 150’s or 200’s in to it.

The jury is still out on this one, but I limit my kids workouts to under 130m for the most part, with 200m during competitions, but rarely in practice. Even starts from blocks is a waste of time because the athlete isn’t strong enough yet to utilize them properly.

To answer your question, I would continue with the weights, but make sure they aren’t effecting the sprint workouts. Keep the distances to under 130m and make sure it is all quality. The quality of the run is the determining factor since youth development can vary greatly from one kid to another.

thanks for the info