Young runner's training journal

My daughter, who is now age 15 and a sophomore in high school has had a serious love for everything sprinting since 2009 when she first ran track in the 6th grade. then progressed through various school years and AAU/USATF summer track that summer and every summer up to now.
She has also ran cross country this year and last year.

I have most every CF video and Ebook, much other material collected over the past 5 years and have tried to use the knowledge gained, training my daughter up to now.
Up to this year, I was fortunate to have one of the best write up her workouts.

I had decided this fall that I needed to start figuring some of this out for myself, and since she was running cross country in the Fall, her winter workouts needed to take that into consideration.

With the help and suggestions from T-Slow and ESTI, and the use of some other materials, and decided to model her workout to one of Charlies L-S 400m programs.

This, of course, is a learning process.
The workout started at the beginning of December, and we are about half way through.

There have been some days that we stopped early because of signs of fatigue.
For the past 3 weeks we have been dealing with snow and cold winter conditions, having to modify longer runs, etc. All the local tracks are covered in snow/ice for now.

There are no indoor facilities for training, we make due with a 60m covered breezeway, a cul-de-sac that is on a steep, 16% hill, that has almost no traffic and the asphalt is usually clear, except for the sand and being wet, and an asphalt walkway at a local Park that is well maintained and usually clear.

Suggestions would be much appreciated.




Nice job so far Rich! The SE times are looking good!

Thanks ESTI, and again, thanks for your help.



Hi Rich,

This looks awesome! I can see how you are adjusting based on the conditions available to you. I am following your results with great interest. When is your next easy week?

Alot of thanks for the help and consistant checking up on me.
As for the “easy week”, that was last week, meant to be week #4 but the week got past me before I remembered.
Plan to have an easy week every 4th week, or sooner if needed.

Again, thank you!


Just for accuracy sake:
All recorded runs, except those ran on a marked track, up to January 10th were “stepped off”.

I did not accurately measure any distances, as the surfaces were not the best to begin with, I didn’t see the need.

Including January 10th and after, I have accurately measured the distances.


Nice job being consistent with training! That’s one of the hardest things for youth runners I find.

Are you both noticing improvements in the 200-300 training distances? It appears from what you posted she looks to be improving nicely there.

She makes sure that she gets her daily workout, actually, with her, the hardest thing is keeping her from doing too much.
I have to “check” on her each time she is in the basement (supposedly watching tv or playing video games) to make sure she is not lifting weights…

As I mentioned earlier, the previous distances before January 10th were just stepped off, so nothing is real accurate. In the next week or so, we should get a better idea of where she is at.

She is battling allergic reactions now.

She just had another bunch of blood testing done last week and hopefully they will get all this under control.

I feel so bad for her, no one should suffer like that, especially a kid… but, she refuses to let it effect her running.

Why the bloody hell didn’t the coach take her or call an ambulance? Doesn’t he have a duty of care, or something?

Your daughter has some pluck. Normally you need to check on your teenager to make sure they are working and not watching tv, rather than to check that they are watching tv and not working!!

It’s a long, ugly story, I probably shouldn’t haven’t brought it up…

As far as tv goes, we/she probably watchs the most during the 2 or so times a week that she gets EMS recovery/massage. I have the massage table positioned in the middle of the room with the big screen in the front.

If she has homework though, that is what she is doing instead… I don’t think I could do homework at the same time as EMS, but she says she has no problem and enjoys it…



I suspect her calves might be feeling a little sore for the next couple of days. they always do for me after a thorough massage…

I thought the same thing and this morning I asked her how she felt, especially her calves, she said she felt great.
That may change later…

She says she is ready to do a workout, so today is tempo, and just running a small circuit, don’t want to overdue it… will keep close watch to see if any problems still linger.

QUOTE=hornblower;245742]I suspect her calves might be feeling a little sore for the next couple of days. they always do for me after a thorough massage…[/QUOTE]