Yardage for summer running session

Hello all,

I was about to start makin my summer football workout for college and was curious as to how much yardage or should I say distance be covered within a workout?

Should I increase no more than 20% each week?


yardage for what speed or tempo?

what are you goals?

what position you play?

My HS team usually does something like this:

3day/week training

Week 1: Speed/accel: ~200yd (comb of 10s and 20s) (increases up to about 300 (combo of 10s, 20s and 30s) after 7 weeks). Anything more than this isn’t going to very high quality for most HS kids, especially with shorter distances.

Speed/accel work is usually one day of sled pulls and MB throws, one day of unweighted sprints and races, and one day of tag.

Week 1 tempo: Backs/Wrs: ~1000yards (10x100); OL/DL (~500 yards 10x50). Increases by one rep each week.

not a bad setup for the hs fb athlete. where does your tempo vol peak at?

also as we know for the athlete to get the full benefits from the tempo work they at least need 1200+, for the ol/dl its ok they are during 500yds but i would do an extended warmup, med ball circuit, hurdle mobility circuit. This is what mark m. was during wrong with his tempo work.

I don’t have it in front of me - holiday, you know - but any of you are interested, I’ll post the tempate of what our football players will be dong this summer…

I play RB and I was going to set it up this way

Monday-Thurs- Linear plyos, speed workout
Tues- Friday- Lateral plyos, Lateral Conditioning

I want to incorporate tempo days but im not sure to put it on weds- sat or to incorporate it after speed days but i think thatc would be too much volume and defeat the purpose of devolving speed

What do some of you do for lateral conditioning?

Yardage for speed days?

Yardage for tempo?


mon: speed/structural lifts
tue: tempo/small muscles
wed: agility/multi jumps an throws/structural lifts
thur: tempo/small muscles
fri: speed/structural lifts

speed: 200-400yds
tempo: 1200-2200yds

By the time the kids who show up late finish their workouts, they will be at 1200 :smiley: This usually lasts the first week and they get their act together.

Now with speed being from 200-400 yds per session, should that then increase around 10-20 percent each week?

For us it depends on how well they are responding.
A progression for us might be:
Wk 1: 7 x 10, 5 x 20, 1x30
Wk 2: 6 x 10, 3x20,3x20, 2x30
Wk 3: 4x10, 4x20, 4x20 3x30
Wk 4: Week of (usually July 4th in states)

This is there the program splits focusing more on the needs of the positions where backs will do more “Speed” work while lineman maintain their accels.
Wk 5: Line: 3x10, 4x20, 4x20, 3x30
Backs: combo of EFE, FEFs (10-10-10s). At this time, we may also incorporate backpedal into sprint “speed” drills such as a backpedal FEF (backpedal, turn, sprint, easy, sprint)

Overall, 10% should be fine for weekly progression.

what kind of weights?

Weight room is not very friendly as the PE teacher ordered the equipment. No squat racks, only heck bar deads and a hammer jammer.

We do legs once a week in the summer, and with combo of medball throws and sled runs, usually balances well.

Deads would be something like 5x5 and progress down to 6x3 or so.

Alt lifts would be lunges, step ups and a variety of glute hammy exercises bodyweight in nature.

Upper lifts is a combo of bodyweight and free weight. Higher reps working towards lower reps. We have machines and in-coming freshman work through machine circuits on upper days.

Because it’s 900 sq ft and there will be 70 kids in there with usually 2 coaches, this is the best format to keep things moving smoothly.

This isn’t ideal, but it is the reality of our situation

In having no squat racks, have you considered single leg squats?

We do those as well, but not as a the main lift.

Well, nobody asked;) , but here’s our template anyway:

3 days of conditioning a week, starting 14 weeks out…
Week one, day one: tempo 10x100; 55 sec. rest
day two: 300 yard ladder shuttles, 5 reps; make/rest times by position
day three: 10x10 yd sprints; 30 sec. rest; 10x20yd sprints, 40 sec. rest.

the weeks increase in volume, with the days/exercises rotating. By week 7, we’re up to:
day one:10x40 yd sprints; 3 series; 30 sec rest each; 3:00 between series
day two: 5 reps of 300 yard short shuttles
day three: tempo 18x100, 45 seconds rest

we then start our “metabolic” conditioning, with 1 high day and one lower volume day each week. the third day consists of position drills for each player, increasing to about 50 reps a session…

As for these metabolic days, they’re broken into 4 quarters of action, with a different drill/sprint occurring in each quarter.
Example: quarter one might consist of 10 to 40 yard sprints, with 35 sec. rest between each “play”. We’ll have 3-4 “drives” a “quarter”, with anywhere from 3-10 “plays” in a “drive”…the rest times vary from 1:00 to 3:00 between each drive, and we take 5 minutes between quarters…The higher volume days have 80-90 “plays”, while the the lower volume days have 50-65 “plays”…

Hopefully, somebody will make sense of this rambling post. It’s too bad I can’t just post an excel spreadsheet!

wheres ur speed and strength work.

I didn’t post it because the original thread was on yardage for conditioning…

are you interested in what we’re doing in the weight room?

and as for true “speed” work, I’d say we’re not doing much of it at all. Is this a fault in the program? Probably. However, we just haven’t had the opportunity to work on this after the winter and spring (when we do actually work on speed development). We’re lucky to have 10-15 players to even show up 2-4x/week over the summer - we’re non scholarship - and our time together is very limited. With less than 14 weeks to go before camp, I believe that the athletes are getting more out of our strength training and conditioning sessions than actual speed sessions…