Xavier Carter on Trans World Sport



What’s the purpose of those jerks he does in the weightroom, with the all-arm-strength cleans before them?

Were those suppose to be back squats he was doing???They looked to be somewhere between 1/4 and 1/8 squats.


You will find that there is often no correlation between track performance and quality of lifting technique. In fact there seems to often be a negative correlation. This video seems to be yet another example.

Maybe he was warming up for squats. It looked like a whopping 185lbs, with very little range of motion. That’s so light, even without the limited range of motion.

I simply can’t believe those squats would be a part of his regular workout. Maybe he tossed some weights on a bar at the request of a camera crew because they wanted additional weight-lifting footage, so he just fluffed around instead of altering his routine.

There’s been a discussion already on this i think - most of the debate was on the Sprite and chicken wings!!!

“Dennis who coaches the sprinters (including X) doesn’t squat as deep (at least not for the majority of the year) and while the lifting frequency and volume is about the same as the jumps / multi-eventers, there seems to be less emphasis on the intensity”. Dr. Mike Young - HPC

Sprinters dont need to do full squat or even half squat, and the weight doesnt need to be that heavy either.

Thanks. I didn’t know that.


LOL!!! Yes i remember that…its was Maris who spoke about that…lol…that guy is obsessed with diet and fat loss!!!:smiley:

Dennis Shaver believes in power phase lifting. He doesn’t believe in heavy lifting AT ALL, and has people lifting lighter weights rapidly. Interesting to see what they’re (LSU) actually doing.

They do some heavy lifting but during the comp phase you are correct very light but fast lifting.

He’s now at Florida if i remember right so this doc is a bit old.

You’re correct about its age - I first saw it some time ago. Is he still with the same coach?

No hes working with UF sprint coach Mike. H

Your correct, i guess he wanted to be closer to home.

1/4 b/squats in the long term will result in Q/H imbalance and therefore predispose the hamstring to injury.

I saw him doing some med ball throws. Wonder if he does the explosive throws with acceleration- that would work the post chain.

Maybe he does some additional work for the post-chain, such as hypers or med ball throws. He is still young so imbalances may not effect him yet. Time will tell, but through my own experience those who squat swallow usually end up with ham problems.

A friend of mine is doing a dissertation on hamstring activity in certain weight lifting movements, using EMG readings.
He said he has found some literature using EMG readings during squats that actually shows lower ham activity in deeper squats :confused:
I’m still waiting on the literature that he has promised to send me, i’ll post it when I get it.