Xavier Carter on Trans World Sport

Xavier Carter on Trans World Sport:


x-man likes lots of explosive movement olympic style lifts

I hate his form, but it works for him

Ya I agree, a lot of times I’m watching similiar videos of athletes, and I’m like, his form is shotty or something along those lines. But whatever works, lifting weights is only a means to an end.

lifting may be a means to an end for some runners but not all.

What kind of cone drills was he doing, I thought it was fast-easy-fast, but I couldn’t quite tell exactly what he was doing.

Great find Flettotenko aka F-Man :slight_smile:

I like short docs like that…shows what the others in the world are doing…Any thoughts on the low arm carriage? I’m wondering how he generates the speed he does when his arms look quite lazy…any thoughts?

does anyone know when it’s shown on transworld sport??

Check out his HS football highlights

#23, cant miss him! well, the other teams couldn’t catch him!

what was he doing eating fried chicken wings and fries???

he suck in fb, he made the right decision.

diet is overrated esp for some athletes, ben diet was very high in carbs.

That is his fuel for domination. From my experience, some of the best power athletes have some of the “worst” diets.

both very interesting posts regarding diet!! do you find that the best power athletes are ripped though? i.e. does this diet cause them to have a high percentage of body fat?

some of the best athletes are not so called “ripped” mo green, gatlin and a host of fb players. i dont think them eating chicken and fries will cause them to get fat, most of these elite athletes bodies are much more efficient then ours. i know your next question will be about carter drinking pop while in class, this is something another coach sent to me regarding drinking pop everyday.

a pinch regular coke, pepsi, etc can be a sort of post-workout nutrition because it can at least provide some much needed sugar for recovery.

cola related products (Coke, pepsi) could balance the bodies pH levels

I don’t know about that one. Sodas will make the body more acidic and many people are already too acidic (and Sympathetic dominant).

ill do more research but the key word was COULD.

Do you think if they ate a cleaner diet they would be more ripped? Also do you think it would help them to perform better? I’m guessing your answer to the latter would be no as you consider diet to be overrated.

One of the problems with “clean” diets is that a lot of athletes undereat, causing worse problems than if they were eating junk. Keep that in mind when comparing the two. I think it could help them when dealing with body comp. Linford Christie arguably had the best body comp and he ate a very strict diet according to most.

I kind of agree with person, when most athletes attempt to eat clean they almost always under eat which causes a decrease in performance. I believe if an athlete has to work extremely hard to decrease body comp then it’s not worth the effort bc most likely his performance will also decrease.

I’m thinking his low short arm carriage is more efficient for his body type. It may have something to do with his long arms and torso relative to his legs. At first glance of the x-man he looks to have short legs and long torso and arms but it could be just that, compared to most other sprinters, his arms and torso are longer relative to his leg length.

This coupled with the fact that he has always ran the 400m, and that running the 400m efficiently seems to require somewhat of a shorter easier maintenance arm action than the 100m or 200m.