So I got the CFTS and tried to download it, but the program was not compatible with my computer, so I go on another computer and it says "you’ve reached the maximum amount of times this item can be downloaded. Charlie can I get some help here because it seems i’ve just thrown my money away?

Why you didnt stop after the first time and asked for help on the forum. Im not sure if Rupert is gonna accept that excuse, hes a tough cookie.

I ONLY TRIED TO DOWNLOAD IT ONCE, THEN TRIED THE SECOND TIME ON ANOTHER COMPUTER AND THE MESSAGE CAME UP, and what excuse are you talking about I clearly bought the item and have the reciept number to prove it

im not saying you didnt pay for it, Rupert stated many times that each order only have so many downloads and once they are gone thats it.:slight_smile:


I could say the same thing “WTF”. Please refrain from using such language on our website. You want help? Ask for it.

Here we go, please pay attention…

Step One:

Login to your account at our onlinestore (which you have already done) by your message above.

Step Two:

Complete the download process, this is done by logging into your account, clicking your applicable orderID number and going to your invoice page. All downloads are handled from this page and are displayed with the word DOWNLOAD. Once you click DOWNLOAD a popup window will appear, from there you just save the file.

Step Three

All our files are wrapped using WINZIP (a free download from (choose eval to get a free version). .ZIP files ANYWHERE ON THE NET require winzip to decompress them. Since, Chib already has his download completed; you need not download it again…doing so will change nothing except display a downloads exceeded page.

Important Note: In the case of our e-books, you MUST have Adobe PDF Reader (FREE) from installed PRIOR to opening the file.

With winzip installed, find your download and extract your file to the location of your choosing. That is IT.

So lets summarize…

  1. Purchase your product

  2. Wait for approval

  3. Upon approval, login to your account at our onlinestore, click your orderID(s) to get to your invoice page(s).

*your status will change from pending to approved depending on how fast we get updated from PayPal confirming receipt of your payment.

*on your invoice page you will see either PENDING or DOWNLOAD depending on whether or not we get notice from PayPal. If its download, just click the word and a popup will appear. Save your file to your…desktop or wherever you wish.

*Now, Chib; I’m guessing you are just missing Winzip…this is not a compatibility issue- you are just missing the “tool” (which you need besides) to open archives. We do this because its the only way you can save your downloads in a fashion that is efficient.

*important note: It is YOUR responsiblity (not ours) for you to complete your download. We give you 2 attempts to complete your download. Failing, that; you’re be repurchasing your order. There are no exceptions.

Thats it…simple stuff ladies. If you have questions just ask here.


Alright thanks a lot, but before i do anything reckless what is the maximum limit of downloads?

I think it’s written above.


You already saved the file didn’t you? You saved it someplace right? Failing that, I’ve opened downloads up for the next hour…you get 3 total. 1 is remaining.


Please recognize that constant downloading of big files drives up our bandwidth costs that must then be passed on to everyone else. That’s why we set limits in the first place.

Does this mean I have to download it within an hour? I have an Exam right now

You already downloaded it. Use WinZip or another program to open the Zip file. You do not need to download anything else. If you deleted the file and need to download again, hurry up or get ready to purchase it again. Not rocket science here.

You can download it whenever you want, provided it is before sundown!


I’m actually going to do a video of myself doing a transaction, we understand that just text instructions can be tough if you’re not familiar with this kinda stuff.

Coming up


To quote the Soup Nazi: “NO DOWNLOADS FOR YOU! ONE YEAR!!!”