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Started at the track… Colder than shit out, but still ran. I had to run by myself which sucked. Today was my short day. (1x600). Not sure as to what the time was on the 600, but it was probably around 1:40-1:45…?

Hit the weights at 11:30. I decided to test on my flat bench press today since I havn’t tested since August and today was my upper body day. Ended up crushing my old PB of 240 with a new best of 260. Pretty happy about that. :slight_smile:

Flat Bench- worked up to 260 1RM.
Flat Dumbbell Bench- 3x8 w/ 80 lb. dumbbells.
Bent-Over Barbell rows- 4x10 with 105 lbs.
Rope Tricep Extensions- 4x8
Hyperextensions- 3x12
Hanging Leg Raises- 4x12

Overall, felt pretty good, but I need to get some training partners out at the track with me. It’s tough running by yourself.

Yeah It’s really tough and boaring…
but don’t worry you will find someone…Good luck.


Today worked on max v with flying 2x3x30m sprints at the track after a 10 minute dynamic warm-up. I threw in 3x10 yard sprints too practicing my three point stance technique for 40 yd dash testing… Ended with 1x300m in 39-40 sec. Not too bad… I felt somewhat out of it today, not really into it for some reason.

Went to the weight room at around 3:30…

After warm-up:
Hang Cleans 3x3 (155,165,175)
Barbell Back Squats 5x3 (275, 275, 295, 305) last set was 315x2… not sure how good the form was though…
Glute-Ham Raise- 4x8
Ab work



My right hip flexor has been somewhat bothering me, and my right patella tendon is a little sore for some reason, so Im taking today off from the track workout til next Monday to give my legs some rest.

Ended up doing a light upper body workout.

3x12 chin-ups
3x25 pushups
2x10 dumbbell military

I might just go for a jog later, see how that feels. Merry Christmas to everyone, hope the holiday is great !



Off day today… Time to watch some football, and catch up with friends that are back from college on break. I will stretch later tonight, probably hit up the hottub and relax. I got a good 10 hours of sleep last night, but now I gotta start eating like I usually do; holidays just screw up everything in terms of eating right! haha…

tomorrow, I start back with training after a couple days off…



Back to the weights after some needed rest. I decided to go with a quick lower body workout this morning.

4x8,8,8,6 Back Squats- 245x8, 265x8, 275x8, 300x6
4x10 Glute-Ham Raise
Lower Back/Abdominal Work

I felt really good doing my squats. I felt alot stronger today. Tomorrow will be my upper body day and hope to get some tempo in or some sort of running if it isn’t pouring down shit like it has been for a while.


Wow… my legs are pretty damn sore today. I went to go lift upper body this morning and the damn weight room was locked up. Guess I’ll just stretch today. It’s been pouring out here for a while, so training is affected on the track. Hopefully the weather gets better soon.


Happy New Year by the way!

I hope it gets better too ill be in California in a week!
Keep up the good work with the journal :slight_smile:


Wow… 2005 already?? Man, new year’s eve was something else… anyways, tomorrow starting back up on the regular routine of lifting/running again after some inconsitency latley with my training. Only one week left of break, then it’s back to school! :eek:



I woke up at around 9 o’clock this morning, wanted to get a good breakfast before my workout. Just as I was about to leave, I noticed my driver side door was partially open… What do you know, my cd player that was just installed by my step-brother on Christmas was stolen, and my amp was stolen from my trunk, that was also installed by my stepbro… They didn’t take the subs though… Weird thing is, parked right in front of my house, nice neighborhood and everything… This can happen anywhere at anytime… I dont get it… Why are people like this?? It’s a shame some people have to resort to stealing other people’s shit to get what they want… What a way to start off the day huh?



UpperBody weights today.

Dumbbell Bench Bress (3x12,10,8); 70’sx12, 75’sx10, 80’s for last set.
Seated Cable Rows- 3x12 120, 140, 140
One Arm Bent Over Dumbbell Rows- 3x10 35 lb. dumbbell
Hanging Leg Raises- 4x10
Back Hyperextensions- 2x15 w/ bodyweight

That was all for that. I felt pretty good as far as getting all my sets and reps done. I am pretty sore today though. Official track practice starts on the 10th of January…


Bradford Presses- 3x8
Barbell Shrugs- 4x8
Front/Lateral Raises- 2x10, 20 lb. dumbbells
Preacher Curls- 3x10
Rope Pushdowns- 3x8
Rotator Cuff work
Ab circuit- Around 100-120 total reps

Will do a good leg workout tomorrow or Saturday…


Today went to the track at 1:30 after class…

Coach had us do 3 or 4 starts out of the blocks, just to get the feel of it. I havn’t touched starting blocks for almost a year so I felt somewhat weird in them… But he said that my form was pretty good so… I will be able to refine it… Anyways, after that, did 6x150’s at a relaxed steady pace… I needed it, my legs are reallly sore. After track, went to the weight room and tested for more lifts…

Today went:
Hang Clean- 175x8 reps
Close Grip Bench- 185x6 reps
Barbell Curls- 80x7 reps
Skull Crushers- 80x6 reps
Shrugs- 225x9 reps

That’s all for today… Tomorrow I should finish up with my testing… That’s all… I have a bio lecture tonight from 5:30-7, then Im gonna come home and work on some homework and clean up my apartment, it’s a freakin mess…


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Track workout today at 1… 2 lap warm-up, followed by dynamic movements and 4 50m stride outs…

Workout was 3x300m, 2 straights and a turn… Wasnt timed, but I would guess they were all 43-41 seconds. Done in flats with two other sprinters in my group.

Lift testing today was shitty. I am sooo sore it hurts. I did incline dumbbell press with 70 lb dumbbells for 10 reps… Done with testing. Now Im gonna rest up for a while… That’s all…


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I woke up pretty damn late, but I had a really good night’s sleep last night. About 10 hours. Anyways, ate some breakfast and headed out to the track at 1:30. After a 800m jog warm-up, dynamic movement warm-up, and some 60m strides, we went for the workout. Our workout was 100m,300m,200m. The goal was to maintain our 100m time that we ran in the first interval throughout the 300m and 200m. So, for me, the first 100m was ran in 13.1 at a relaxed pace(this was on the turn too.)

Next was the 300m. Went through the first 100 at 13, the 200 split was 26.1, and the final 300m time was 40.6. The goal was 39, so just a little off. Last was the 200m; went through at 12.5 and finished the 200m at 25.1. Not a bad workout, felt real good. Done all in flats too. All the intervals were not max effort… Probably around 85%… No lifting today for me. Gonna use this weekend to rest up realll good. I need it.

So in all it went:
300m-40.6 (13.1-13.5-14.5 for 100m splits)
200m- 25.1 (12.5-12.6 100m splits)


Finally can post again without seeing an error message…

I got ART done on my hammy and bunch of other muscle groups on friday… It was intense! Some areas are really tight and sore, my right hip flexor is a little weaker than my left, and I found my left ankle doesnt dorsiflex as well as my right ankle does… The doc also said one of my legs may be a tad shorter than the other… by like a couple mm or so… he noticed my right arm kinda goes wide from my body when I run, and he noticed that my IT band on my right side got more pain from ART than my left one did… He also noticed that I got the least discomfort from my actual problem area in my left hamstring, so he said other areas of my body could be affecting the hamstring in an effor to make up for other weaknesses… I go back on Friday again, and I look forward to it… Im gonna resume my track training on Monday probably with a light workout to get back into it… I havnt ran since Wednesday when we tested our 40’s, I ran a 4.57… I wore a neoprene wrap on it, it felt fine when I ran but it was real sore the next day… The pain is virtually not there anymore, but Im still taking it easy for now…



Decided to test out my leg today at the track… Warm up felt fine, strides felt good, stretching felt good… the workout was going to be 3x300’s at near full speed… My coach wanted me to run at 42-43 seconds which is nowhere near my 100%, but I decided to see how it felt and go from there… I went through the 100m at 13, 200m at 27, and 300m time was 42.9. My leg didnt feel all 100% after that, and I didnt want to risk anything, so I called it a day after a cool down. It it a little bit sore now, I have an ice pack on it with a compression wrap, so tomorrow I probably won’t run. This shit pisses me off… I can’t stand injuries.

Lifting went:
Squats: 4x12,12,8,8 (165,165,200,200)
Hang Cleans: 3x5 (165,175,175)
Lat Pulldowns: 3x12 (120,120,130)

Time was real limited in the weight room, so I couldnt get much done. I just want my hamstring to heal up so I can run full speed again… That;s all I want!!



Full warm up at the track; 800m jog, stretch, 4 60m build-ups, sprint drills… warm up felt great, my hamstring wasnt bothering me today so it was a good sign…

Anyways, the workout was going to be 4x200m; go through at around 12 sec. for 100m and then sprint all out til the 200m… I didnt use spikes like everyone else was using, so I ran in flats and ran 3x200m at a steady pace… I never felt any pain in the hamstring, but I didnt want to risk going all out when I’m not ready yet. Our first meet is Feb. 4th, but I have a feeling I wont be competing in it… Need some more time to get back into the groove of things…

Weights at 3; went as follows:
Hang Cleans 3x5 (135,155,55)
Bench Press 4x12,12,8,8 (135,135,160,160)
Back Squats 4x12,12,8 (185,185,215)
Single Leg Ham Curls 2x12
Dumbbell Shoulder Press- 3x12 w/ 50 lb. dumbbells
Barbell Curls 3x12 w/ 50 lbs.
Lying Tricep Extensions 3x12 w. 50 lbs.

I feel good, gonna stretch later, eat, attempt some homework… I go back for ART again on Friday, looking forward to it.


Yeahhh big 19 today! haha… Doesn;t feel like my birthday today for some reason… but anyways, track workout today at 1…

800m jog, stretch, 4 60m buildups, dyamic sprint warm-up, little more static stretches and followed by the workout…

4x150m in spikes, done at about 90%… I felt great running today, felt like I havnt lost a step. These werent timed, but we went through the 100 at around 11.7-11.8. felt real good.

After those, did some block starts, then 3 block starts for 40m at around 80%. Overall great day at the track. Im feelin real good.


I woke up today at 8:45 to be at my ART appointment at 9:30. The doc re-assessed everything from last week, he said he noticed a marked improvement from what he tested last week (ab/addcution, hip flexor strength/flexibility, ankle mobility, hamstring, quad-medial and lateral strength, lat flexibility). These sessions are intense I can say that for sure.

My lower back was bothering me quite a bit all day yesterday and this morning. He did some ART on my low back while stretching it out gently at the same time. It felt so much better afterwards. My hamstring feels real good today, a little bit sore, probably from the weight workout today, but its completley functional and I am able to sprint 100% again.

Today’s track workout was 1x320m. Done in spikes in a group of 6 of us, I came in first in 41.2 seconds, 2nd was 41.4, 3rd-6th were all under 44. I felt really strong all the way up til the last probably 30-40m. Right now, I’m running on pace for around 51.5-51.2 400m, and it’s early season… :slight_smile: My sub 50 goal this season is looking bright. Lactic acid is a bitch.

My weight workout was short today, my low back was bothering me somewhat so I kept it short.

Dumbbell Incline Bench- 3x12 60 lb. dumbbells
Prone Leg Curls- 3x12
Lying Tricep Extensions- 3x12 with 60 lbs.
Shrugs- 3x12 w/ 225 lbs. in smith machine.

That was all, I was real tired from track… Looking forward to a strong training week next week before my first meet coming up.

sorry, I missed the ART part… where can I find it?
like what does it stand for?

ART is Active Release Therapy. You can go to www.activerelease.com and read more about it, and you can also find someone in your area who is certified. I found my current doc on there, he’s great.

thanks, I was wondering if you would use it close to an event… like day of…few hours before… or not?