WRCortese5's Meet Results

Date: 2/12/05
Meet: BVC Relays @ Yuba College
Events: 4x100 relay, 4x200 relay

4x100- DNF
4x200- 1:34.25

Comments- 4x100 2nd to 3rd handoff was botched, 3rd leg out a little early and I couldnt catch up before he ran out of the zone…

Date: 2/25/05
Meet: Nor-Cal Rotational @ West Valley College
Events: 4x100m, 400m, 4x400m

4x100- 44.16 (Breaw-Cortese-Simpson-Bianchinni)
400m- 53.89
4x400m- 3:34.8, 52.7 3rd leg (Marchbanks-Breaw-Cortese-Wortman)

Meet: Beaver Relays @ American River College
Events: 4x100,4x200,4x400

4x100- 43.56 (Breaw-Cortese-Simpson-Hundt)
4x200- 1:32.01 (Breaw-Cortese-Simpson-Hundt)
4x400- 3:34.4 , 52.5 split (Hundt-Breaw-Muzik-Cortese)

Comments: Sloppy handoffs on 4x2 and 4x1, probably could’ve cut another second off had we run in the fast heat of the 4x2, and we can easily slash another .6-1.0 seconds off our 4x100 time with smooth exchanges and just an improvement in overall speed. 4x400m relay, we need to work on our 400 endurance BAD… We looked awful today in that…

Meet: Aggie Opener @ UC Davis
Events: 4x100m relay, 4x400m relay
Date: 3/12/05

4x100m- 43.71, 4th place. (Simpson-Cortese-Marchbanks-Hundt)

4x400m- 3:31.70, 3rd in heat. (Marchbanks 52.3-Cortese 52.3-Taylor 52.7-Yungert 53.7)

-We threw together the 4x100 team that morning since our original first leg couldn’t make the meet. We switched our 3rd leg to first, and put in a 400m guy who has never ran the 4x1 before. Practiced handoffs with the team about 45 min. before the race.

4x400 relay, one of the guys that was supposed to run hurt his hammy on the 4x1, so we substituted in a distance guy who has decent 400 speed to get it done. We also put in a 400 hurdler at the 3rd leg in place of the guy that couldn’t make the meet (same guy as 1st leg on 4x1). Yet we still ran our fastest time of the season. We have yet to run a relay this year with a consistent crew.

Here’s a link to the full meet results if anyone’s interested:

My school is SRJC.


Hornet Invite @ Sacramento State University
Events: 4x100m, 100m, 200m, 4x400m.
Weather: Partly Cloudy, headwind for 100/200.

4x100- DQ, Out of exchange zone… Needs work BAD.

100m- Not sure on time exactly, but pissed, I know I didnt run well.

200m- 24.09 FAT; Pisses me off that I can’t come close to what I am running in practice.

4x400m- 3:32? (Taylor- 54.1, Yungert- 54.4, Hundt- 51.7, Cortese- 51.7) This leg felt pretty good… I will be hitting sub 51 shortly I can feel.

I need work on my form for the 100 and 200 really bad, I ran like shit and I know I can run faster but when it comes down to meets I can’t seem to put it together… Weird. At the point of extreme frustration…


*Not a real meet, but thought I’d post it anyways since it was an open event and electronic timed.

Practice @ SRJC.
Event: 200m after 3x150m.

23.60 FAT…

Comments: Need to get more aggressive out of the blocks… Didn’t feel full 100%, probably because I did 150’s before anyways… Form was lagging last 50m… Need to work on that… Otherwise, not too shabby… Raced 2 other people…

shweeet… Nice run, WRCortese :smiley:

Thanks Palmtag… I think I can run better, I was straining the last 50… but yeah we’ll see how it goes these last few weeks before conference… :smiley:

When you’re fresh, you’ll blow the doors offa 23.6. I gots lotta respect for ya, WRCortese. How fast where the other 2 people you raced, anyway?

Thanks man… I Appreciate it. My other 2 teammates ran 23.96 and 24.01… So yeah next couple weeks Im looking to drop down to 23.1-22.8 and low 51 high 50 in the open… Damn taht would be nice. But I dunno how reasonable that it. Just gotta put together a complete race and let it all fall into place…

Date: 4/2/05
Meet: Johnny Mathis Invitational @ San Francisco State University
Events: 200m, 400m
Conditions: Sunny but Cold, windy (varied with headwind and some big tailwinds throughout the day)

*Scratched the 4x100m and 4x400m cuz we didn’t have enough guys to pull together a team… What else is new? haha

400m: 3rd in heat- 52.39?; I took it out decently, went through at 300m at 37.2. I was in lane 3, in first place at 320m; caught with 60 left.
*In the results it said I scratched the event, but they had a malfunction in the lane assignments and some crap, so my time was listed under someone elses name. I’ll re-check on Monday.

*Found out official time was 52.32.

200m: 2nd in heat, 23.91. Didn’t feel like it was balls out, but I felt alot better down the last 100m than I have in the past. Probably could’ve gone harder. I was in a slow heat in lane 2… First barley outleaned me at the line, with a 23.81. Slight headwind.

Decent… Felt good about the 400 and 200, but still need to work on some things. Only my second open 400 this year, last time I ran it was 53.89.

So far this year to date:
4x100m: 43.56 (3/5/05)
100m: 11.85 (2/4/05)… blah
200m: 23.60 (3/31/05)
400m: 52.32 (4/2/05)
4x200m: 1:32.01 (3/5/05)
4x400m: 3:31.70 (3/12/05)
Relay Split: 51.7 (3/25/05)

Life-time PR’s: 100m: 11.4h; 200m: 23.60 FAT; 400m: 51.79 FAT; Relay split: 50.3

Gotta get those times down!

Meet: SRJC Meet vs. SJCC, WVC, and DVC
Conditions: Cold, windy, rain off and on
Events: 4x100, 400m, 200m

4x100: 3rd, 43.99
400m: 4th, 52.39 :frowning:
200m: DNF, Slight strain in right hamstring. :mad:

Date: 4/20/05
Meet: Bay Valley Conference Trials
Place: Sacramento City College
Event: 400m
Conditions: Sunny, mild wind, 75 degrees.

400m- Heat 2, 4th place. Did not qualify for Saturday’s final. Slowest qualifier was 51.73, so I know I didn;t run any faster than that…

Danm, missed finals by just a couple tenths, at most. Well, what happens next WrCortese?

4x100, 4x400 relays Saturday at conference finals… Then May 30th is Nor-Cal trials… so I have 2 meets to go at least…

Date: 4/23/05
Meet: BVC Finals @ SRJC
Events: 4x100, 4x400
Conditions: Cold, cloudy, windy at times.

4x100- DQ, Out of zone

4x400- 4th, 3:29.98

See training journal for more details…

Date: 4/30/05
Meet: Nor-Cal Trials @ Merrit College (Oakland)
Conditions: Overcast/warm at first, cloudy/cold towards end.
Events: 4x400m relay

4x400m: 3:31, did not qualify…


Event: 600m
Meet: Practice, just for fun race against two distance runners.
Conditions: Slightly windy, sunny, nice.


600m- 1:28.4, 3rd… damn haha…


Meet: Big 7 Opener
Location: SRJC
Weather: Sunny, Calm, 71 degrees.

300m- 37.68 FAT, 3rd overall.
4x400- 2nd overall, 51.6 split.

See training journal for details.

Congrats are those promising splits for this early in the year? I get the feeling yer going to run reeeel well. Don’t know quite why, but I do. :coo: