Would build-up sprints be included in high intensity category

After completion of general warm-up 1, would the buid-up sprints in warm-up 2 be included in the total volume of speed work, even if the speed was less than 80% max?

I wouldn’t include anything under 95%.

Sprinting at 80% max still taxes the CNS, but it isn’t specific to speed. So yes, it should be counted in the total volume, but because the athlete is warming up with only a few sub-maximal sprints, his/her energy reserve won’t be drained and they can still continue the practice at 95% or higher and positively (or negatively), effect the CNS so that improvement is still made.

Isnt anything above 75% taxing to cns and anything below 75% not taxing.
This is how i see it.

< 75% = low intensity
75% - 85% = Medium Intensity(intensive tempo)
> 85% = High intensity