World speed summit 5 Tony Holler

Has anyone listened to Tony Holler on WSS 5 and his feed the cats program. Interested in any thoughts on the very low dose hi intensity approach that seems to take the less is more approach a step further. There is no Tempo ,and from what I understand minimum to no weight training but a lot of plyo work. He seems to get very good results with his High school athletes and wondered if this would work with mature/masters athletes. ???

As a principle I am cautious with transferring methods from school athletes - except to other school runners. Junior age groups are more likely affected by genetics, early age physical development (or not) and their participation in other speed/coordination sports (or not). This is not just the case for athletics.
Same as masters athletes are more affected by injuries and personal time constraints.

Nevertheless the concept of small dose hi intensity is sound for any age/level group. All successful sprinters do race specific speed/SE. Some do weights, some do plyo, some do tempo. But using the pareto principle, if you are going to only do 1 thing hi intensity is the logical selection. And in the case of junior age groups they are likely getting small doses of endurance, coordination etc from other sports anyway.

I have not listened to this coach but I like Oldblokes response.

Keep in mind many people can make high school athletes faster, quicker but it’s a minimum 7 years project to fully materialize an athletes full potential.

How many high school coaches have the knowledge or interest in a longer term development model?

If winning is the most important part of high school athletics what are the implications from a training perspective for the athletes long term?

Instagram, twitter, youtube, Facebook are fabulous methods to spread information but photos and video’s scratch the surface on all sorts of the content the viewer knows zero about.

Charlie used to call some of these ideas attempts to reinvent the wheel. I don’t think it’s needed but maybe it makes it more interesting for the coach to feel apart of something larger than the replication of tried and true results?

Note as well Grooster, as of January 2020, will have been online selling training information for 20 years. Not once have we advertised anything other than real results with full disclosure for those results.

Name another site doing the same thing that’s been around for 2 decades.

Name a site that is doing well that was strongly influenced by Charlie or handheld and lead and supported directly or indirectly.

Most of the innovation that has gone on in sport has to do with verifying what went on more than 30 years ago with Charlie’s ideas and mastery.

Gadgets and electronics and the internet have made old ideas like EMS, plyos, high intensity and resting popular.

I’m just gunna sit back until everyone else works to catch up to where Charlie was. LOL

Oh and here is the best part.

Charlie shared the recipe with everyone.

Who else is doing that? with full disclosure. :wink:

Agreed. No one had to buy a single item from Charlie yet he was here regularly answering questions to any members of this forum. His books and videos are the best available IMO.

Thanks for your responses, I have bought most books and videos of Charlies work off this site and follow his principles in my own coaching and training. I was just interested in others thoughts on the interview I heard with Tony Holler on WSS 5. Cheers

Sorry, not trying to hijack your thread just adding onto Ange’s comments.

I did think it was interesting if I recall correctly that he said his athletes don’t warmup. However from further description they seem to do large volumes of Mach-like drills which seems very much a warm-up.

Yes, I realised that as well, I suppose he was referring to he doesn’t do any slow jogging or stretching, static or dynamic of any sorts. They also don’t do any ab work.

We started a thread months ago talking about his philosophy on not warming up but he spend 20mins doing drills etc. Some of his training looks like Barry Ross and inno sports… You must remember they live in a very cold climate…

While it might not be a conventional warmup with separate types of units within it that most of us are accustomed to as you allude to-no jog, calisthenics, static flex. Dynamic flex./mobility, PNF, buildup series, etc. it’s still a warmup. If one took the no WU statement at face value, it would easily be assumed his athletes just jump straight into sprints training.

Yes, I agree 100%