World Record 19.31!!1

World Record!!! Usain Bolts Done It!!!


that’s wicked

Rounded to 19.30!!! Fucking Amazing

fuckin NBC sucks.

wind is -0.8!!! :eek:

went through 100 in something like 9.9

i was screaming like crazy at the tv :smiley:

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

just heard that

:eek: :eek:

This guy is not from planet earth

Charlie was right - this guy was capable of running 19 flat with a flat to positive wind. Incredible.

NBC: how can they not show this race live? its silly

This is…im completely speechless!

Who would think Bolt’s record would disappear under a headwind! Omg…

damn, spearmon took two steps on the inside lane, dq

Just like the 100 m. Too easy.

CBC is showing lots of replays. Right now they are showing Spearmon crossing the lane line (he was disqualified) early in the race.

I didn’t know it was Bolt’s birthday today. They are singing him Happy Birthday.

BTW - Can’t wait to hear Michael Johnson’s comments. I heard Donovan Bailey’s comments and he was ecstatic. I’m sure he loves to see MJ’s record go down to a Jamaican.

Maybe Bolt will now run a 150m against himself.

1 BOLT 19.30
2 MARTINA 19.82
3 CRAWFORD 19.96
4 DIX 19.98
5 DZINGAI 20.22
6 MALCOLM 20.40
7 COLLINS 20.59
SPEARMON DQ (was third at 19.96 ?)

Unreal. Lost for words!! I called Churandy to medal and he did!! he’s had a awesome Games.

Spearmon reminds me Ice T!

Oh man. After all his celebration. :frowning:

MJ just laughed. He joked that they would round it up. Of course they didn’t. He said he was happy to have his record broken buy such a great athlete who he is a fan of. And he said something along the lines of “hey, i’m trying to help a guy beat my other record, maybe i won’t now though” jokingly.

Agreed. He’s had a great games.

Are we going to get some splits on this :slight_smile: