World Masters FUN schedule


Let’s kick this virus FAST and THROW the virus into another universe. Let’s use our POWER and MARATHON ENDURANCE to wish it way past the STARS.

U of T or University of Toronto is an awesome and world class facility placed in the center of our lovely city of Toronto Ontario CANADA.

I’m thinking we need to start discussing some ideas of fun before, during and after this event?

Who might have some ideas?

Looks like I will not be able to make it this year. Doing to Dubai. Actually the meet is in July not june

I think it will get canceled - with the nationwide herpes outbreak!!!

And why risk going and then being stuck there bc of it. Potentially Canceled flights, quarantined, etc.
I was going to take the kids to an Amusement Park next week. Postponed it.

On the bright side, I’ve had great weather over here for 33 or so days in a row. Got lots of good training outdoors. Sunny, good air quality, consistent start practice. Fun.

Next year Sacramento hosts the Big Masters event and I will be in a new age group.
Block clearance and 1st two steps are “Nasty” Dialed in to set-up everything else.
Developing a story for a brand.

What does your training look like?

Have a blast in Dubai and all the best for you on this trip.

Can’t wait to go there.

Tomorrow I might be hit with a new planet which has yet to be discovered.


I had dinner last week with two of my besties. Let’s call them George and Craig and Monique because that’s their names.

Let’s say one of them is headed to Greece to do the Ironwoman and one might be looking at Hearts with med scissors. The other might be my son’s dad’s best friend who went to Oregon state with Nike founder and despite his growing years he looks 45.

We, well maybe the Heart guy did not agree, but the smart one’s M and A agreed that the likely scenario is the flu will kick you into the white porcelain room faster than some not yet known virus.

I am not staying home from anything if I have been working 4 years or 8 years or 12 years.

Having said that if you have children under the ages of 21 of if you have dependents it’s a game changing scenario imho.

No person needs their key person to fail or get sick or end up needing help if they can help it.

If I am able to help any of you Lmk and private message me or send me an email. I have space in my home and it’s not like I have not housed athletes and coaches and parents or anyone in need for the past 32 years and counting. I am happy to help.

July is better than June unless I am not here but my son will be helpful too.

The Flu is no joke, but I got a flu shot to somewhat protect me from it. I got the flu back when I was 26 I’ll never forget how weak and bad I felt. The flu as we all know takes out a lot of older ppl but is not ever going to make the news. This new thing has a much much higher kill rate.
Market correction. State of emergency in many places, government’s not reporting true numbers, not only having dependents but also having weaker older than 75 years old ppl in the Family, etc etc

Went to Costco recently and all the damn water was sold out. I have a water filters, so I’m good there.
The general public is usually wrong about most things. We will see how this one plays out soon enough.

I’ll post specifics of my training soon. I typed some general things I do but it got erased just now. Hard to post from a smartphone for me I guess.
Starts and acceleration work 2-3 times a week.
Speed work every 4-5 days at half the volume as my younger days.
Will add tempo here soon.
Pop ups long jump work 2 times a week.
More later…
Starting Softball season here again on Monday.

The flu is no joke.

I thought I was going to die on the spot several years ago.

Charlie and I and James went to visit my friend Professor Lizard who on our advice did her papa has dough @ the fine spot in Northern Cali aka CMF’s alma m.

Anywayzzzzz, jp was a wee one and we visited Rochester as Lizard was working at the uni there with Mba’s. We thought we would grab some food on the Canadian side. I had seafood. Okay, so was it the flu or was it food poisoning? I have no idea but Charlie wanted nothing to do with any of it and I thought we needed to go to emergency.

I had the flu again… okay that is enough about the flu…

Let’s fire up the next topic which will be more fun…

What is Ange going to discuss with Mr. T man in the next summit?

How about the flu?

How about food?

How about greed of the some peeps in the food business? Not going to mention any names Berardi but might be time to discuss your badness and lack of general kindness. No. I am not going to say anything bad about him. He is just trying to bend over whom ever he might be able to to make a buck. HOLY DUCKS. I said I was not going to mention names.

Anyway, Tyrone and Christine are rocking it once again and gosh willing I am in the know they will continue to educate and make us all smarter and faster.

Story #2

Waikii and the missile scare and yes it was scary and real for some of us and then BOOMMMMMM! My mom got the flu and she has not ever been that sick and my mom is 83 but 81 at the time and she is still recovering…HOWEVER…she is very hearty and strong and has a big history of thriving against crazy odds going back to when her dad came from Holland.

As for the market… who controls the market?

I will leave it there as some bitch out there sent me a note about how we, me and you Balance should not talk about politics on MY and our site. Guess what I said to him? nothing yet…

Balance I am going to be in Cali soon on my way someplace else… where are you?

Sacramento area. Who is talking about politics?
The general public certainly does not control the Market. They buy heavy into the massive selling off based on the Buzz then get left with…stay in the market long term…stocks will eventually rebound years later. Patterns repeat over and over again.

B Johnson
Round 1 at 94% 10.36

2008 and 2009
U Bolt
Rounds 1 at 94%

Will post vids soon and start another thread. One better be getting in a number of races in if they can’t or won’t surpass that in practice.

Also, Bolt coming in Hot off the turn in 2008 to A Powell 8.68 split who takes about 9.5 strides before taking the baton from the fastest sprinter we’ve all ever seen. Both on the turn and on the straight.

More later

Too sore from Yard work at 1pm then Batting practice at 8:30 for an hour. Gotta take a nap. I can talk about that, right?

I just received an email from the School district in the City I live in. All schools will be closed down next week and it may be extended. Basically, Spring Break is here a Month early for my Son. Daughter was out already bc she is in year-round school. Looks like a Family Member or two of a Student here is being quarantined.

Let the Fun begin! Now I can have my son help me with the remaining yard work. Not exactly Universal Studios but you have to roll with the punches. We cover this in Weekly Family Meetings- Communication.

I’ll do yard work in the Summer in 100d + weather. I’m talking Heavy laborious work and not picking flowers. If most ppl can’t even do that type of work which is easy to me…how do they think they can compete with me on the opposite side of the spectrum…when the conditions are perfect for Fast Sprinting (to achieve training Season Bests) and I’m ready/prepared for it?

Like Charlie wrote- How can you expect to beat a person, if you can’t even do their work out- speed session.

CF “Astounding performances come from astounding training.”

Take off your MAGA Hats for a minute ppl. UFC which I’ve been waiting for for years has been cancelled. Dana White is a huge Trump supporter and for good reason. Is he doing this to hurt Trump?? Get your heads out of your asses ppl.

Off to the Hill to sprint. I’ve added another month of Hills. Nov. - March. JAM style mon.

Edit: turns out that it was UFC Fight Night 170 in Brazil. Still on but to be held without crowd. I really want to watch the UFC 249 in April.

you are rocking it Balance. thanks

Love it… keep us posted.

Well Covid shut down the studio…trip to dubai is cancelled…along with everything else

Trump as expected handled this along with the rest of his cronies, fox news and other MAGA lovers like fools. Its a hoax, the “chinese” flu wont come here…well now look at us. Trump defunded the CDc and straight up disbanded a pandemic department. Now we cant test people unlike japan who is able to test 10k a day. THe world is laughing at Merica…as they should. The market is tanking (i love it cause ive been adding to all my positions and picking up some blue chippers), economy on the brink…people losing jobs, schools and universities closing…and track season is all but over. All the blame falls onto Trump and his (drain the swamp) white house. PS…I think trump has covid