World Championship


B.Okagbare wins women’s Long Jump Gold

A.Montsho wins women’s 400m Gold

Mens100m heat 1

Lemaitre has finally rounded back into 100m rounds form…top speed seems to be back and has been closing like he’s been known to…he’s now made the finals running 10.00 edging out the chinaman whom went 10.00

Win 8/11/13 11:00am Athletics Other Sports 122 Field wins women’s Long Jump Gold -215* vs B.Okagbare wins women’s Long Jump Gold $1000

456 Michael Rodgers not in top 3* -175 $1000

461 Nickel Ashmeade finishes in top 3* +250 $1000


I know one thing, this is the shittiest coverage of a championship that NBC has ever had. THey not showing the meet again till saturday. fucking universal sports has it all week. If you dont own a direct tv you dont get to watch shit on universal. Shit sucks balls.

You not missing nothing - mens 100m was weak.

it was a good race, we knew bolt would win but I wanted to see what the other cats would do.
Now the womens race will be exciting…and nbc will not cover it

I can’t wait for the womens 400 and mens 110h. I’m still trying to pick the top 3 for the 100m.

Womens 400m: My money will be on Montshow - give me a reason not to.

110h: Can we say usa 1-2-3. I need to watch the next rd before putting my money down.

women 100m: Need to watch the next round - leaning towards usa taking the gold.
jeter: X FACTOR
blessing: She blew her load.

Jeter is going to cripple. I will be shocked if she wins.

11.24 in rd 1 - I’ll watch her closely in the next hour.

Looking at these times we better keep an eye on the home town girl - she spent little energy in the earlier rounds:
antonina 49.16 49.57 51.27p 49.99s
montshow 49.33 49.33 50.75p 49.56s
christine 49.61 49.75 50.20p 49.75s
francena 49.86 49.86 50.56p 49.86s
hastings 49.84 49.94 50.64p 49.94s

jeter 10.64 10.93 11.24p
shelly 10.7 10.77 11.15p
english 10.85 10.85 10.94p
blessing 10.79 10.79 11.03p

English/Blessing spent some energy in the early rounds - I expect shelly to bring home the gold. I’m still not counting out Jeter she’s a dog!!!

There are tons of online streaming sites.

1 Jason Richardson UNITED STATES USA 13.34 Q 0.178
2 Thomas Martinot-Lagarde FRANCE FRA 13.39 Q 0.270
3 Aries Merritt UNITED STATES USA 13.44 Q 0.327

Aries shit start and still came in 3rd. With a better start aries win that heat. I’m curious how much extra energy Aries had to use in this round.

1 Sergey Shubenkov RUSSIA RUS 13.17 Q 0.147
2 David Oliver UNITED STATES USA 13.18 Q 0.168
3 Ryan Wilson UNITED STATES USA 13.20 Q 0.159

I’m leaning Aries winning gold.

Oh yeh - Jeter is a dog. Typical John Smith athlete - she finished the race very strong.

1 Carmelita Jeter UNITED STATES USA 10.95 Q 0.175
2 Murielle Ahoure IVORY COAST CIV 10.95 Q 0.179
3 English Gardner UNITED STATES USA 11.00 0.128

jeter (dont be surprise if she bring home gold - dog)

Hometown girl came in 3rd. Great race…

Shelly has changed her start. More conservative over the first 30 then she walks away from everybody in the last half. Based on this im predicting her to win the 200 also