workouts before and after meets

So lets say I got a meet on a wednesday.
What sort of volume should i do leading up to this prep. meet? This was my past week and what im going to do till sunday, suggestions?

Sun: speed (2x60m-2x150m) + 20-25 jumps + 20 throws
mon: off/tempo
tues: warm up
wed: meet (100+400+relays)
thurs: off
friday: (2x20m-2x25m-2x65m + 40-45 jumps + 25 throws + body weight strength + lighter weights (no access to gym today)
sat: light tempo
sun: 4x60m-2x80m OR 2x20m-5x FEF OR 4-5x75m + 20-25 jumps + 10 throws + heavy weights

So any suggestions/comments for the future? It’ll more likely be on the thursday for the meet day next time though… BTW got 2 personal bests :smiley:

any thoughts?

If you ran 2xPBs, then it is probably working for you! Different people like to do different things around and about competitions - I like to do a fairly decent session 2 days prior, and nothing the day before, wheras others do warm-up and activations the day before. People I used to train with liked having two days off before a competition - it worked for them too.

I think the most important thing is to get something you feel works for you, and get into a rhythm.

the PBs were probably because it was the first outdoor meet.
what about after meets? do the workouts look good?

Why so many jumps and throws?

Well yesterday the gym was closed so couldnt do heavy lifting, and kept the volume of speed down, so thought i’d increase the number of jumps and throws. Usually do 15-20 high intensity contacts + 10-15 throws.

I usually do gym work 2 days post-race too, and Ive run alright off that. I find it gives my legs an extra day recovery before a running session.

Your preparation for a MAIN competition will have to differ from a preparation/league meeting. With my athletes, I see the preparation meetings as part of the training week. Therefore it will be an ordinary work-out (e.g. speed/speed endurance or special endurance). The rest of the week will be a normal, full training week. Therefore no rest or just a warm up before the meeting.

As you are not in the preparation for a main competition now, I am not going into detail for this.

More questions?