working on 1RM improvement using singles/doubles?

Temporary set up for this past week due to holidays:

sun: 360m speed (max.V work) + 10 plyo contacts

mon: rest

tues: accel. work 180m + lifting (cleans 8 sets/2 sets clean pulls + pull ups)

wed: 4x flying 25m + 2x FEF + 15 throws + lifting (squats/jump squats/knee raises)

thurs: upper body (bench press + bench press assistance work) in the morning

fri: rest (today)

sat: 150m or so of accel. work + power cleans/pull ups

sun: 300m max.V + squats/jump squats

it doesnt seem like the volume is killing me… i have my up and down days in workouts regardless of how ive been training lately.

a higher volume was possible in the holidays cause my sleep/diet were also better.

5 high days in 7 days?

Just temporary, going to have a easier week when school starts now (2 hi. days)

I don’t like this set up at all, if you want me to be honest. That doesn’t mean it’s not working for you, however, I’d be highly surprised if it were.

Have you tested out at all this season with cleans, 30m, 30m fly, or squats? Did you do any pre-season testing. You may be better off with a set up like this.

Day 1 - Acc Dev/Power
Day 2 - Tempo or ext tempo
Day 3 - Max V
Day 4 - Tempo
Day 5 - could be pre-race or Int. Tempo or something of that sort.

You could then move your weights around your training. High Int. days would be Day 1 and 3 with still time to recover for racing or testing.

No 30m fly or 30m tests. Squats up from 295x3 from last season to 365x3.

I’m sure your gpp and spp is almost done and moving towards indoor comp. I will start to throw out some ideas that may assist you in some way. This is something I played around with last year with success and will probably follow something very similar this year.

Sat: 60/200 every other week/Weights (sq+bp) (Sat is the primary stimulus)

Sun-Mon: Rest (maybe some active recovery stuff on Mon).

Tue: Max V+SSE/Weights ex: 2x30+3x70 (pc+bp)

Wed: tempo 10x100+mb circuits

Thur: 2x20,30,40+1x60 submax/Weights (hc+press)

Fri: Rest

All work done Mon-Fri: is submax while focusing on tech, confidence and staying fit.

Your setup looks good but I have found most athletes have a tough time doing speed Monday following a Saturday race. Also if you are doing true max v inseason make sure it submax!!

why keep it sub max in season?
i compete indoor december - march, and in all honesty, I dont care about indoor competition.
As long as I make some progress in my 60m and 200m times, im good. Outdoor is where it’s really at for me.

If you don’t care about the indoor season, THEN DON’T RACE!!

As I said, I look for some progression.
When I said not caring much, it means it doesnt matter to me what place I come or if I dont have a big pb at the end of the season.

Then dont compete indoors, just have some time trails once a month.

You’re trying to improve your 100m over half a second, but you don’t care if you have a much improvement during the indoor season. Makes perfect sense.

I do though, and I did last season.

last season 60m started off at 7.68, ended off with 7.49.

100m started with 11.84, ended with 11.30 (both runs had 0 wind)

This season started off at 7.46, it’s been my only race thus far and I feel I was easily 1 tenth faster if i hadnt squatted 3 days before, been more fresh, better start, etc.