working around a low grade injury

Hello everyone I need some help to design a new routine of training to work around a pair of soft injuries :mad: (one is on my left hamstring , other is on my right hip extensors)

By now I´ve called the fisioterapist and I´m thinking in performe a daily strecth routine next to a tempo session , but I´´ve got a few doubts:

-It would be good to performe technique drillls as part of the warm-up routine previous to tempo perfomance?

-what´s about weights? should I work only upperbody lifts? if I performe low-body lifts , what should be the intensity to do it?

-what amount of tempo per day and week is recomended?

To conclude I´m gonna add some “special facts” that travel with my actual situation.
At first my next (and first of ever) competition comes soon at January 21 and well I can say that I´ve had lot of lacks in my GPP because my absolutely unknowlwedge of the speed training (Í´m thinking in get the GPP dvd ordered by tomorrow)

By other side I don´t have a qualified trainer who can help me here in my town so I´m learning almost everything about speed training here at the forum with the help of some of you.

Well that´s all for now :o I really hope you could help me one more time :slight_smile:
Be with GOD!!!