Womens 4x100m

USA womens out as well. Torri and Lauryn where jungling the baton on 3rd change over. They were so far in front, what a shame.

Yep…unreal! This has been a terrible Olympics for the USA Sprinters…

Batons being dropped…medals being rewarded for DQ’s…appeals in 200’s and w100…Sprinters ‘taking one for the team’!!?

JA goin from strength to strength!!

You’re correct a disaster for USA sprinters, had such high hopes going in, now both 4x100 relays are out, practice passes people, get the baton around, I gotta take a advil my head hurts from this disapointment :mad: Congrats to LaShaun Merritt, great job man.

Jamaica and the US had the trials at approximately th same time but the US duplicated the Olympic rounds and schedule, so basically the Americans have done the Olympics twice in just over a month. The Jamaicans, with similar sprint levels, went with the number of rounds needed to get to a final over a few days. Which way worked better do you suppose.

Do you think the US should have simply had stricter entry standards and did three rounds versus four?


I would think the 3 rounds for the 100 and 2 for the 200 worked very well, perhaps 3 for both events in the US, because 2 puts too much pressure on finishing well in heats for the US.

you’re still meeting up the same 16 by semis anyway and many double

The track in Eugene has 9 lanes if I recall, so maybe two rounds with 3 heats for the semis–top two in each heat plus the next three fastest (for a 9 person final)?

The would allow for the top 27 guys in the US (pretty good number) and just make two tough rouds.

seems the jamaican girls got the bad-baton virus

While all blown passes reflect some kind of mistake, the Jamaican women set a new standard in the final. Near as I can tell, they made every possible mistake all on one pass. They are lucky they just got DQ’d…someone could have gotten seriously hurt.