Women's 200m Final


Clearly something is wrong with Allyson Felix. Has anything been said about it. Looks like maybe a stress fracture??

During the semi-finals, the commentators on NBC noted that she has a hitch in her gait. I don’t know what the cause is, but it is really obvious when you see her running in slo-mo. Whatever the problem is, I’m sure it will be revealed in the near future.

That being said, Felix would have to run a PB to match the winning time of 21.74.

Thats weird because she was running really well right before the games.

It was there in Eugene as well but maybe not quite as pronounced.

Ato said he asked her about it. He said (paraphrase) “She said she noticed something but isn’t sure what it is. She said she feels great though and her training has been going very well.”

She had a slight hitch last year, remember seeing it in one of her 400s.

According to Michael Johnson who says he asked Felix’ manager, she has some sort of hip problem.

Well, Felix’s manager, that narrows it down:)