Women's 100m Dash

I haven’t been following the sport for 3-5yrs now. I’m surprise to see Dafne Schippers favorite to win gold… smh

She has a shot…to make the final, but with all them 10.7-10.8 women on the track…she will be hard pressed. I dont think she will medal in the 100, and she will not win the 200.

Shelly-Ann Frase wins women’s 100 meters +350 Risk $2500 Win: $8750 OR Elaine Thompson wins women’s 100 meters +300

Odds are too good to pass over…

Same here, i need frase or elaine to come up biggg… I don’t understand these big odds on Frase and elaine.

I am looking forward to watching the semi’s and the finals of the woman’s 100 meters. Tonight there will be a lot of really good events to watch.

Who do you have winning?

Elaine has the fastest time this year but she’s a huge underdog, Vegas is telling you something…

Oh boy my cash is looking good… Let’s go baby girl… Elaine Thompson wins women’s 100 meters +295 Risk $2500

Damn Shelly and Bolt always peaks when it counts! Mustve saw the video.

I really wanna see shelly win, after watching her cruise through with ease, I know she has a real shot. My money pre olympics was 100% elaine, but after seeing shelly two races Im now split between the two. But did yall see shelly face after the sem? Ato says its emotion…fool thats pain. Her injury is kicking her ass and at the wrong time.

Damn Im hurt for her, a not because she is fine as hell, but because I think barring no injury she can win the final. But with that toe bothering her, ill have to put the money on elaine.

I went with my gut but i love SAR experience at this level… That white girl gonna be hard press to beat those two…

It’s going to be exciting female 100m final, slowest qualifying time 10.96!!! Wow.
Cannot wait.

I still think SAFP will pull it off but man o man…I can hardly wait for a Great race.

Does anyone know if the link below will show the final LIVE? or will it cut out at the last moment like many other times.


by cut out…I mean…will the Final not be played til later in the evening.

nbc online is a live stream…no commercials or cut aways.

I’ve found NBC’s TV schedule quite reliable over the past few days. Just been watching the semi final rounds with Shelly Ann and Elaine right on schedule. I see no reason why the final won’t take the stage in about an hour.

[QUOTE=RB34;255795]I went with my gut but i love SAR experience at this level… That white girl gonna be hard press to beat those two…[/QUO

She will be hard pressed to get 4th


I been MIA for a couple years but those 2 american girls look good.

I"m hoping the best for them but I am thinking Torri Edwards type of finals for them

Wow, now vegas has elaine winning!!!

Elaine -175
SAF +400


Depending on how bad shelly injury is, the americans are fighting for 3-5, dipping at the line for a 10.9? not a good look after the two JA girls turned it off for 10.8…with one having a bad toe.
THe ole big eyes was looking crazy when elaine walked away from her with a 60m drive phase. lol

Elaine will got 10.6-10.5 before her career is done.