Wisdom teeth removal

Hey folks.
I’m getting my two lower wisdom teeth pulled in the next few days and I’m wondering how it will effect my body and training?
Training has been going so well recently and I’d hate to have to take a lay-off. I’m planning on training again the day after I have them pulled, is this ok?

Not trying to be cute, but you will only know the answer to this the next day. If your teeth are impacted, so that a good deal of cutting is needed, it will likely be more of a problem. I suggest you ask your oral surgeon if there are any post-surgery restrictions. I had impacted wisdom teeth removed and was out of commission for a couple of days. I don’t remember if this was doctors orders, but I didn’t feel like doing anything anyway. Fair amount of residual pain.

Thanks for your reply.
I’m guessing the surgeon will tell me to take a few days rest, but in the end it will be all about how I feel as you suggested.
I think I should at least be able to run, as its my mouth that will be in pain not my muscles.

No worries.

I had both my wisdoms teeth removed last year.

One long painful operation. A lot of cutting needed. A lot of swelling the following days.

Still, no problem at all to train, attend football practice ect. The dental will probably hand out some painkillers to you.

My wisdom teeth removal required no cutting, they just pulled out, so as a result I had basically no swelling. I was running the next day.

My case is probably a best scenario, like the others said your experience may vary greatly depending on if/how much they have to cut.

Wow thanks guys, nothing to be too concerned about training-wise then.

You can’t assume that though. I had one pulled and was loopy as hell the next day. See how you feel. I’d be inclined to not tax yourself right after and to make sure you’re okay before going at it.

Had all 4 of mine pulled at once-- some of the worst pain I’ve felt post-op! Everyone is different though. Had lots of swelling, throbbing, etc. Mine were impacted though so…

I was out of commision for about 4 days… Didn’t feel like doin much. Eating was a chore so no energy to train, etc.

Yikes! mine seem to be fairly covered with gum so I guess I’ll have to sacrifice a few days after all.

Ask about anti-biotics and be sure to gargle with salt water after every meal. Sinus infection is a risk that needs to be followed up on.

Will do. Thanks for the heads up.