Wind Calculator

Hey guys, anyone know what happened to the wind calc that was on the net? It had a 100m and a 200m calc, as well as a rating system for events and world records etc this one seems to have disappeared, along with all those papers that were there.
Anyone know where we can access those papers as well?


Los, the website address link simply changed. It’s stil the same website and it still contains the same papers. Here is the new address:

Thanks spaceman


Is it at all possible to re-post the Edmonton 100m final again?

In my opinion this was posssibly the greatest 100 m race of all time and definitely my favorite. I was arguing with someone that Maurice actually got injured at 80m. The problem is my former computer crashed and I cannot access the clip- it is gone forever. If you could please post this race it would be enormously appreciated. Also I’d like to purchase this just for my collection and team of young athletes. How can I do this?

Thank you very very much.