Will this work like an isorobic excersizer?


I am not that familiar with the isorobic excersizer. But this is called OPTUM S.P.S. Speed Resistance Trainer and it looks like it would be similar. And it is about 50 dollars cheaper.

The optum works well, but is very heavy in comparison. You can buy a version for like $129 called The Trainer on performbetter.com. Hope this helps

Pull a tire.

but they are kinda like sleds. Once they get moving, the resistance diminishes. With the trainer, you get a fluid, constant resistance. For $129, you get the device and 2 belts. I have used them to great effect as has ESTI. Charlie is the one who recommended the Isorbic. I also found an isorbic exerciser on ebay for like $50. Quite a steal. I would get the trainer from perform better for $130 before I spent $250 on Optum. Just my opinion after using both.

Sorry bro, I know all the benefits etc but I still don’t the see the value.

Well that’s why we all come on here. There are a lot of coaches on this forum who use both sleds and other resistance methods. I have had good results using it so I will continue to do so. I guess he is getting 2 differing perspectives which should allow him to make an informed decision.

I got my isorobic on ebay for 20 bucks. I also have made a tire pull. So far I see some value in both. The tire is slightly accommodating, which could be useful. The isorobic is great out of the blocks.

Isorobic is great until the rope tangles or someone steps on it.

Just have to make sure the kids aren’t being idiots. Some will step on the rope to get their buddy. I usually have then run at 45 degree angle from where it anchors so that the rope is quite a distance away. I have seen some athletes jerked out of their shoes.

The main value is for lightweight travel and/or to clear starting blocks

Agree Charlie. The Optum SPS was the same concept, but was heavy to carry acroos the track from the car. I can put 6 isorbics in my bag and barely know they are there. I use them in groups. ESTI has some set up for 20 yd and some 40 yd as is standard. Very beneficial for my players. They come out so much lower they sometimes stumble. They are shocked at how much quicker they fell over first 10.

Is ‘The Trainer’ exactly the same as the Isorobic?

and yes they are the same. I think the isorbic was made a bit sturdier, but no difference in performance. $129 great deal