I had to share this


Im not even going to comment… The only thing I will say is I love the music.

Looks like the kind of exercises i was shown as being “ideal” from a large chain gym “Fitness First”


Jay, I love the smarter harder or go home. I opt for run out of that place and do go home. Was there anything on that video that was worth a crap? What was with the box jump/curl combo? Just when I thought I had seen all the dumb exercises…

Ben Crane taking unstable surface training to a new level. Haha.

classic - even my 12month old son was watching in disbelief

throwing this in

nothing like some bad training and the people who pay good money for it.

Aint that some sh*t? I give better training away for FREE.

so which training video was better? gotraining1 or ben cranes?


2 thumbs up for Ben Crane. He gets my vote.

I will just go home so I won’t get hurt.


I can’t believe the guy is serious about this exercise.