will this shoe ruin my running form(Air Blacksburg)

my coach tells me this shoe will ruin my form. I am currently wearing this shoe for my off-season workouts, and track workouts. i havent gotten my spikes yet and Nike free’s arent good for track so.


You’re wearing those for track workouts? Probably not the best shoe… You would be better off with Asics or New Balance if you were going to use flats in a track workout…

well thats all I have for now, but ive never heard of any shoe that would throw off your mechanics

ive never heard of any shoe that would throw off your mechanics

Try running with a timberland then come back and tell me it didnt throw off your mechanics, Lol. Seriously though that shoe looks real big, but if it works for you fine.

well a guy who trains in them runs a 4.25. im just gonna run in them until i get my spikes

Why is this thread in advanced sprint training anyways…? Just curious.

why does it matter

because this is hardly an advanced sprinting topic.

well, i just wanted a quick answer, and most people wouldnt go to the fundamentals speed, and all the other stuff

Next time try “Ask us” section. Keep this post and others in mind for future reference that this isn’t really relevant to this section.