Will soccer mess me up??

Monday: Tempo - Lower Weights
Tuesday: Sprint coniditioning excercises, plyos, strength
Wednesday: Upper Weights
Thursday: Acells
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 90min soccer game
Sunday: Rest

Well just wanting your input really. I have to play soccer on saturdays for about the next 2 months. I was wondering if It will negatively affect my quest to become faster over 100m? When I play soccer, I am not a work horse, I play up front and play a game similar to Thierry Henry as in Sprints then rest lol. Please tell me what you think?

If you have to play then you don’t have much choice :slight_smile:
why so late in the season? :confused:
Do you not have practices? :confused:

Not being smart but in your case my biggest fear would be injury. :eek:

As long as you are able to train speed while you’re fresh and your sport doesn’t have any long distance running in it, you’ll be fine. If anything soccer could help your overall athleticism and coordination.

Heh well I dont HAVE to but I said I would help out the team and I dont want to go back on what I said.

Yes we have practices but I dont go lol.

As for the injury, I have been training for 6 weeks now injury free, clocked 2.45h for 20m and 4.60h for 40m so definately back in the game… ( too lazy to update journal however :p).

Yes I do speed train fresh, and in soccer I rarely jog only sprints lol.

Thanks blinky