Will Bolt and the Jamaicans break the 4x100m record?

37.40 held by the USA

The team will feature Bolt and Asafa, unless of course Bolt isnt able to run (soreness, some injury, too much fatigue).

BTW, any idea of how the second leg/anchor will work out? Bolt going 2nd leg again with asafa finishing?

Should we do some math? Anyone got the times of the fourth guy? Get that and we’ll get started on possibilities. Without the fourth guy’s stats and the order.
Even without allowing anything for free distance (the runners can be full arm extentions away when passing), it’s looking below 36.90. Gotta get the stick around, so they will surely pass the stick conservatively to reduce the possibility of error.
In an ideal setting, Usain would run second leg to maximise running contribution and ensure a huge margin of safety when running outside of the third man on the corner.

Sounds good charlie :smiley: like always lol

Frater, Bolt, and Asafa are the three men. I do not know who the 4th man is. Regardless, that’s 3 sub-10 second guys right there. The 4th man has to run a 10 or under to secure a sub-37.

Hand off speed will be critical, how else do a bunch of guys who cant run sub 10 win the olympic gold ( last olympics). The speed is definitely there, its just a matter of whether or not the “skill” of the event is there or not.

4th man should be Nesta Carter, right? He ran 10.02 in Monaco.

10.02, good enough

So we have the following PBs:

9.69 Bolt
9.74 Powell
9.97 Frater
9.98 Carter

The following are my opinions only, assuming 0 wind, but lets give them the following “currently can run” times:

9.65 Bolt (assuming he can recover)
9.80 Powell
9.97 Frater
9.99 Carter

I’m not sure how to take times and turn them into relay potential. Charlie?

Im just looking at whether or not Bolt will be fatigued or not to the point where he simply wont produce the same speed. But didnt Crawford and Gatlin both run really good legs in 04 even after having 8 races prior? Hopefully the mental enthusiasm and boost will get him to over come the fatigue and just run one more flat out 100 with no celebrating :rolleyes:

But still I’d imagine the toll that TWO world record performances just 4 days apart would take on your body.

How do you figure that if you have 9.69, 9.74, and 9.97 for three legs?

I’m fairly sure there have been teams with comparable composite speed (based on 100m PRs) not even approach the WR–getting the sticks around seems to be pretty important and difficult for the Jamaicans and Americans.

We can really only speculate about potential times based on proper execution.

Ya thats what im saying, I’m calling that the “skill” of the event just like how you need to have good speed endurance and not just flat out speed to run a 200, or be veyr good technically for a 100, relay here has its skill and jamaicans and americans always fuck this part up. Americans have usually triumphed (when they have) by having way more speed than any other team.

Problem could be easily fixed simply if you could get powell, bolt, frater, carter together few months ago and have relay practice done then and keep it as something to do throughout the year.

Three of those guys train in the same group, so it shouldn’t be that hard to get them together for practice if you really wanted to.

Definitely would be worth it if your getting a world record for it. :slight_smile:

38.31 in the heats. Im starting to doubt a record is possible.

with the way the heats have gone i think they would be happy to get the baton round in 1st place

Possible final teams


  1. Asafa Powell - 9.95
  2. Usain Bolt - 8.75
  3. Nesta Carter - 9.25
  4. Michael Frater - 8.95



  1. Usain Bolt - 9.95
  2. Michael Frater - 8.95
  3. Nesta Carter - 9.25
  4. Asafa Powell - 8.80[/b]



  1. Michael Frater - 10.25
  2. Usain Bolt - 8.75
  3. Nesta Carter - 9.25
  4. Asafa Powell - 8.80


I have a feeling the team in the bold will be the team that runs in the final. It seems to be set up that way. All they would have to do is replace Dwight Thomas and insert Bolt. Makes sense, I but think the 1st team would produce the best results. I would have loved to see both Powell and Bolt on the straights, but I think the JAAA is still worried about whether Usian can handle the baton.

Bolt is considered a little risky with the baton.

From memory, Bolt took the baton in his left and changed the baton into his right hand last year when running the last leg.

My guess is he will run the last leg as the Jamaicans only want him to change once and would prefer that he takes it rather than gives it off.

Powell has developed into a good relay runner and can run at either end. He will probably start as he is the quickest off the mark of the other three.

Frater down the back and Carter on third leg.

They would be a little gun shy with 6 teams either DNF or DQ in the heats. So safety first should be their priority with concentration on smooth transitions.

They will break 38s but how far inside that depends entirely on the exchanges.