Will a 1-time 2 hour massage help at all ?

My body is all messed up, everything hurts, my sprints feel heavy and restricted… I just need some therapy…

I don’t have money for multiple sessions, will a single 2 hour deep tissue massage make any difference at all or is it a long term investment ?

I figured i’ll get the major release on this session then just foam roll every day instead of letting those muscles sink in tightness…

Do it ? or save the money ?

Do it, its an investment if you are serious about what you are doing.


Will I feel better from just these 2 hours of therapy on the legs ?

Ask the guy for DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE, correct ?

Also I have a meet on sunday, 100m, should I do it the day before or now omorrow ?

It will help.

Don’t expect to sprint well (or possibly at all) the day or two after though as that will be some major stress your body isn’t used to if it is really deep massage.

So if the meet is on sunday should I do it today or tomorrow ? or is it a guess and I should just wait till after the meet… I can’t afford to not run well …

May is going to be busy… lots of 100’s and a couple 200’s …

yeah as davan mentioned, if you have a 2 hour deep massage, you wont run to your full potential on sunday. But I think it is worth it, it doesnt seem like you have anything to loose. ie dont get a massage and risk injuries which can potentially put you on the sidelines for even longer. How important is this meet?

It’s an invitational my team ordered for me,I might run it alone if i dont find more sprinters… most people pass these early meets so its hard.

It’s important for me… Like every other meet… There aren’t too much 100’s after May (MAYBE 3-4 till the olympics) so I want to use each opportunity the best I can…

So I’ll just do it on monday, after the meet …

What do I do now though ? foam roll ? How do I roll so it doesnt stress my body ?

Why not split into 2 - 1 hour massages, one before the meet, then get the deep after. Just get a massage that light enough to not be to taxing, but also hard enough to make sure you dont explode.

I never found the foam roller to be quite taxing because you cant get deep enough. I would suggest not putting your whole body weight when rolling on it.

As a general rule (not set in stone, but you’re playing with fire otherwise), don’t do very hard therapies that you are not experienced with in the few days leading up to a competition. You could do well, but you could also run like ass and possibly risk injury from dis-coordination.

If you have a meet Sunday, probably best to not try it at this point. If you can get it 6-7 days outside of a competition, that should be enough time to recover, but I’d still err on the side of longer, if possible, especially if it is a one time deal. Foam rolling is nice, but again, it is very hard and since it is done w/o a therapist, is very indiscriminatory in where it is applying pressure. Again, not something you want to mess around with right before a comp if you aren’t experienced with it.

You can’t “roll” so it doesn’t stress your body. Everything is some sort of stress–eating a big dinner is stress. The thing is how quickly and how optimally you are going to recover from it.

Foam rolling a few days out should be fine, but again, this stuff needs to be messed with earlier because right before important competitions, you risk coming in flat if you do too much or mistime it.

Ah, I see, thanks for the tip !

last night I actually rolled my rectus femoris and just above the knee-to the right with a baseball bat, real deep, EXTREMELY painful too, but the patella pain is gone…

HOWEVER, I ran like CRAP today, could it be it ?

I’ll take your advice and experiment after the meet…

what about a tennis ball?

A tennis ball you can go deeper and harder then the foam roller, so if you are unpracticed in the use you can cause stiffness similar to what silencer is feeling today, and for performance wise that would not be beneficial.

If you are going to do it though, gently stretch the muscle after doing it, as this will also help lower and reset the tone of the muscle which is one of the ideas behind massage.

So I guess the baseball bat is overkill ?