wide feet training shoes

Did some searching around the forum for info on flats. I need some new running/training shoes and flats seem like the best bet for me. Don’t live within easy distance from a decent sporting-goods store at the moment, though, so I’m gonna have to trust the internet. I’ve heard good things about the Nike Zoom Waffle racer, but my feet are too wide for most Nikes (started doing more barefoot stuff - tempo, lifting, walking around - in the past year or so and damn if my feet haven’t spread out a bit). Can anyone suggest a pair or brand with a wide toe box?


New Balance.

I have the same issue, regarding width, and just returned a pair of the Nike waffle racers because they were too narrow.

From experience, although this doesn’t direct apply to track flats, most Nike shoes run narrow, compared to other brands, although I have a pair of Free’s (5.0 Trainer) that are significantly wider and I know that the Nike football boots come with the option to select width.

As Stefanie stated, New Balance historically feature wide toe boxes on all their shoes and, as far as cross trainers and other running shoe models I’ve always found the same with Adidas, Asics, and Puma.

I don’t have as much diverse experience with the various track flats, however.

Thanks, that’s very helpful!

Puma Concinnity are good and they have good room in the toe box. Bolt used to wear these in training.