Why is strength training tapered/decreased during in season?

I understand how it is done and how you do a maintenance phase, but what is the exact reasoning one cannot continue getting stronger?

the intensity may still be high but the overall volume is not high enough, for example maintenance phase 3x2x80% vs training phase 5x3x85%.

But what is reasoning to do a maintenance phase at all is my question, why cant a person just continue getting stronger and continue training phase volumes.

If you could simply advance all training qualities equally at the same time, you would always do accel/max velocity/speed endurance/special endurance along with max strength, max power, and strength endurance training.

You have a finite amount of energy and by placing one element (in this case strength) at a maintenance level, you allow for more energy to be spent on qualities like speed work.

O now I understand, thanks for the response.

What does everyone think of a 5x2 or 5x3 in season at 85-95%. I know number of sets is high and all, but would you say this could be generally alright due to lower reps?

May work if you have limit access to a track.

I have access to several outdoor tracks + a indoor track + 2 gyms :cool:

it could work, give it a try. during outdoors when trying to develop speed end i like to keep my weight vol very low for example, 3x2,2x2,2x1,1x2

Now here’s something which could change the whole perspective, Im a 15 year old athlete, training age of 3 years, not too much experience lifting, but I’d say 4-5 months serious, and a total of 1 year although general body weight work I’ve done 4-5 years. Run mid 11s.

How would this change it around considering im not at a high level.

raceing is simple… strenght phaze …then race day… build a power engine,then see the wheels turn in angre… you are not putting new stuf fin the engine prior a race…