Why I Slather My Body With Magnesium Oil After Every Hard Workout.


Haven’t read the article, but I went through a magnesium kick a couple of years ago. I started getting overdose symptoms and had to stop. When you look into it, the potential negative consequences are quite concerning.

That said, it makes your muscles used great if used in moderation…

The only overdose symptoms ive gotten was bubble guts. lol, which is also good for weight loss and six pack definition.
your body adapts to the dosages over time and the bubble guts will go

I was getting dry mouth, dry hands and lethargy. Typical symptoms. One if the extreme possibilities listed is coma! You’d have to be pretty hardcore to take on THAT much magnesium.

It took ne quite a few months of regular use to reach this point. I obviously overdid it. I use it very sparingly now…

Mate it sounds like the other stuff.

I will suggest hornblower simply overloaded, the intake was higher than the body could pee out. Happens with all supplements.

If one had the money one could test and adjust the dosage so nothing is peed out. 100% effiency.

I dont care if a piled higher and deeper can put it to paper better.

Were you taking the magnesium orally or using the oil? Do you think there would be any noticeable differences between the two?

First I used pills, then Epsom salts, then magnesium oil. The oil is significantly more effective, which is possibly what caught me out.

I certainly recommend it to be used sometimes, maybe 1-2x a week…

Would you use it as a base for massage? Or just simply put it on

you could do either. I don’t know if massaging it in would be any more or less effective than simply rubbing it on and leaving it, but I suppose it could kill two birds with one stone…

Hmm… yeah seems like something worth experimenting with