Why are womens sprint world records halted

Agreed, I’m not saying Marshall’s formula is the rule, just an observation. Another, Seb Coe, 46 in the 400m, 46 + 5 = 51. 51 x 2 = 1:42, which is close to his pb.

Hard to argue with Clyde Hart’s results, I would like to see what he would do with a potential 800m runner.

IMHO the 400/800 double no longer exists.
The body types and physiology required is too different.
Nobody has done it since Juantorena. 200/400 yes, 800/1500 yes.

I bet there are a lot more 400m runners that could run 20.n for 200 than say 1.45 for 800.

Yes that is true, more 400m runners are probably sprinter types than middle-distance types. I just wanted to point out the speed some of the top people have, it is still one way to approach training vs doing 10-milers exclusively. I guess my question is, if the speed is attainable, and the endurance is attainable, why can’t the speed endurance be possible?

A reasonable point. Looking at the fastest times for 800 I would say that the optimum performance will come from a middle distance runner taught to sprint. Rather than a sprinter told to do more endurance work. Coe is a classic example.

5 of the world top ten all time have runs sub 4 miles or equivilent 1500 times. another was a second off and another guy ran a 1:02 half marathon after his 800 days were done. none of the guys who posted a 15/mile in top level competition failed to break 4 or at least get very close. looks like the 800 is a total sprint event. :rolleyes:

also i used to have the video of the race and the announcers say just as the race starts that the reading is above the legal limits.

i was about to mention her…
I think she’s “agressive” enough…

she’s still slower than koch & pérec over 100 and 200 though.

if she drops to sub 10.9 and runs a 21.8x then she could have the basic speed required.

but remember the 2nd fastest lady of all time at 400 who has the 800 record ran a 21.99 at one time, so anyone looking to take the 400 record would also need to be able to win gold in the 100 or 200.

Seems Flo-Jo records are here to stay for a very long time.

is there anyone here who is absolutely sure flo jo didn’t use steroids? she smashed her pb’s by some 0.67 when she did the 200m record which is creepy and 0.47 in the 100m both in 1988…which could be hard well though it’s something out of this world. and about men’s records i don’t think michael johnson’s 19.32 is going to be beaten anytime soon, there may well be people like Tyson Gay which will go near but not beat it imo however his 400m record will be beaten soon.

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One word,


Not to many female sprinters are willing to do what she did to get there.

In terms of Male sprinters, if Ben had still been competing till the 96 Olympics he might well have been 9.65 or lower. So hypothetically if that had happened the 100m record would still not have been broken till this day.