Why are womens sprint world records halted

Given recent developments in mens 100m WR. Why is that womens 100,200,400 WR are never reached upon??

actually the 200m has a shot at going down in a couple years with Felix. the other sprint records are crazy fast, the 100m may never be broken and the 400m is almost just as far out.

The 100m record is tough to beat, but the 400m record is definately reachable, all you need is a woman who can run 21.7 or so with some endurance. Easier said than done but very possible.

Felix does have the man coaching her so we’ll see.

The 100m record will be broken - we just may be very old or dead when it happens :slight_smile: .

What about the 100 meter hurdles?

I really can’t answer that question honestly on here.

talking strictly training and racing:

the 100 WR is wind aided regardless of what anyone says, it won’t be going down ever.

the 200, very well could go down if felix gets a flyer with a nice following wind on super mondo at altitude. lots of conditionals, but she can drop half a second.

the 400, no one has enough basic speed to challange it except felix, should she start to double and progress out in distance over the next few years she could certaintly have somewhat of a glimmer of hope of running really fast, world record… eh. we’ll see.

felix really didn’t seem to be in much of a 400 mode in 07 and has no history with the event. she really didn’t race it much going back to her formative years or first few pro seasons.

What makes you say sure it was wind aided? What about her 200m WR, was that wind aided too?

Maybe because it looked like the flags in Indy were going to get blown off the flag pole:)

Maybe the massive pbs that were run in that heat that were never touched again as well.

Don’t forget that wind reading of ‘0’, very suspicious.

Add the women`s 800 to the list. Strange that so many other records have been broken or at least approached since then but not these.

since when is the 800 a sprint?

What about Richards with her late 2007 10.97?

Nobody said it was. But the root cause of this statistical anomoly may be the same.

slippery slope.

Well since they started running it in under 1:50 and cinsidering the world record is as follows.
800 m 1:41.11 Wilson Kipketer
DEN Cologne, DEU 1997-Aug-24. You do the math.

Sprint or middle distance, I think we can all agree the 800m is a hard race. The women’s record is 1:53. 1:53/2 = 56.5. With a 5 sec speed reserve, that requires a 400m of 51.5. Is 5 seconds speed reserve for the 800m reasonable? I don’t know, I got that formula from Marshall Burt, but it sure is neat to play with numbers (I’m an accountant okay). Last year there were at least 50 women in the world at or better than 51.5 in the 400m. Could one of them, with the right training break 1:53? I don’t know, but it’s not impossible, far from it. Maybe improbable.

Cant accept Marshall’s formula as transferring 100% to eventuality, in a step up from the 4 to the 8.
But it jives with my belief that somewhere in the pile of the top US 400m runners that will never make a team or relay pool, that out of that group there is more than one who could bump up to the 8 and have a shot at world top 10 performance.

The methodology wouldn’t be that much different than Clyde H’s taking someone with prerequisite speed and training the strength into them…