Why are there so many grains on the food pyramid?

Why does the food pyramid stress the consumption of so much grains? They reccomend that you consume alot of breads and cereals? Why?

I’ve read in a few books that major grain (product) manufacturers had a lot of input on the pyramid when it was made.

I notice that eating some bread and pasta does give me energy. Anyone know how much servings of grains are good.

If u wanna be lean and stay lean, few grains. Get your carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables. As Clemson says, “get primal!”

I’ve been eating more grains and carbs recently(not by plan, but by accident) and I notice I have more energy and feel better. I’ve also started taking a multivitamin(centrum silver) so mabye it is the vitamin or mabye carbs and grains arn’t that bad for athletes.

It could also be placebo.


Eat tons of white bread and cheap pasta. Why waste your time with fruits and vegetables…those are for wimps! Keep up the good work.

I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, all I said was that I upped my grain intake a little. Sometimes I don’t understand your posts. On one thread you told me not to divide by zero, what does that mean?

You don’t agree with my opinions so don’t ask me to change my mind!

Is this another vague statement desinged to irritate me or do you think
I’m out to get you or something by disagreeing with you? Where am I disagreeing with you? I posted the question about grains becuase someone on another forum claimed that eating lots of grains was good and pointed to the food pyramid as an example. If you think I started the thread to disagree with your opinions on your website or something your mistaken.

I have no opinion…do what you wish but I would rather let the experts on this thread help you so take their advice…a lot of great minds on this forum. You seem to be so focused on the latest and greatest that you don’t have stability and that is dangerous . Create a plan and stick with it instead of chasing everything.

Fair enough, I do have a plan, I am just always curious.

T2 and clemson,

there is so much individual variability, that some things work for different people. We are all very different in enzyme concentrations and tolerances to different foods.

That being said, what about putting forward some scientific repeatable measurements that could be done to test the effect of different foods on each of our bodies to work out the best diet for us.

I know Clemson works on protein balance and ketosis for judging consumption of macronutrients, what do people think about using those and can other people propose other methods of measurement?

Blood work is important, can people detail what they have measured when they go for a jab and what they are looking for and what measurements can then be manipulated to rectify these deficiencies and hopefully translate into performance gains?

Regarding grains ,
lets face it ,when science reaches sport it becomes soft-science and any science linked to nutrition is vauge in the first place.
Whats great with this forum is the wealth of anecdotal evidence not the scientific approach ,or slogans like “get primal”.

Aussie Brad,

The measurements from Dr. Tipps are on a book, and other charts and graphs are available but who has time on sunday to shop for food when NFL primetime is up…but driving to the lab instead of the dance club is too hard to do. I feel that there is no diet…just simple choices about being natural. Others want to find data or science to back up that eating horse crap is ok…fight the urge. We are animals and we should eat natural things instead of all the crap we see at supermarkets. Is it so hard to eat fish, steamed vegetables, and fruit?

As for blood work I will show you later…

The clemson cocktail will be up…thanks to Nightmare and others.

We are animals ,but we also invent shades to look cool…
Why would anything man invent not be natural?

If grains really are that bad for an athlete ,how come Norwegian xc-skiers ,alpine-skiers ,speedskaters and rowers base their diet on grains and still keep on top of their game?

(On the other hand the same athletes resort to making their own bread when visiting the USA.)

I think its very very different when you grew up eating no refined sugar and real, sprouted grains. But for most of us, who grew up on white flour and refined sugar we have to take special measures and can’t just look and see that one culture sucessfully does this and has athletic prowess and is degenerative disease free so we should too.

Believe me most Norwegians grow up eating white bread and refined sugar! The athletes ofcourse stay away from white bread when they get older (most of the time).
The eating habits of Scandinavians are gradually geting closer to the “american way”. Not that white-bread is particular to North-America ,ofcourse.
Don’t you get bread made from whole-grains?

The difference between sourdough bread fresh and “Wonder bread” is huge. Are tour de france cyclists thin? No. Sure they look like string bean but has anyone seen the photos of tour masters? 138-210 because their pancreas is wasted, the photos of Bernard and Eddie are gross. From skinny to fat bastard. Professionals kill themselves with insulin madness so that they can win…but pay later.