Why are there so many grains on the food pyramid?

Professional cyclists are a breed onto themselves ,living on coockies most of the time ,besides Miguel and Bjarne is still not fat. Greg is though…

yeah cyclists seem to have taken over from bodybuilders in that regard…

look forward to your post on blood work Clemson.


I read somewhere that white bread has more ‘nutrient uptake’ things in as compared to wholemeal bread, the same with pasta. sorry I don’t know the technical name, but the gist of the argument was that eating them was pretty much the same because although brown has more nutrients, you get as many out of white because of these ‘uptake’ factors.

Was a mirror post.

This intrigued me, so i searched and searched. Cannot find any pics of current OLD timer cyclists.
I have seen plenty of FAT cyclists who used to be good (but not ex-champion elites). Some pics would be great.

Thanks heaps if you can find some for me

Lots of athletes get fat when they stop competing.

Because they stop training but keep eating.

It’s got nothing to do with the gibberish that Clemson (aka Carl Valle) posted 6 years ago about ruining their pancreas.


I have always thought that too Lyle. Too much eating.
Also - if one thinks about it, if your pancreas is wasted and is not producing insulin, then, surely they would realize they have diabetes after a short time. And if the Insulin is therefor low, why/how is the carbs being shunted to the fat stores? Unless he means the insulin is in Overdrive and nearly all carbs eatin are shunted to fat stores?? (esp with lack of training and the muscles havent yet burned their own glucose).

I have seen swimmers who in only 12months are incredibly Obese! Surely JUST food intake alone with no exercise cant produce that much size so quickly?? Then again, rumours are some of them eat like 10,000 calories per day! I know my stomach wont accept that much food. Perhaps drink half a litre of olive oil?

I dont know this Carl guy, cant say he is right or wrong myself. But sending ones Pancreas into overdrive (not killing it), then not adapting food intake for training reduction would be a recipe for disaster.