Who's bum is that????

totally off topic, no rep points involved but its a test of knowledge as to how well you know your athletes…

Athlete 1 image is attached…

:eek: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

LMAO nice how you change my post like that…

but it is an athlete retired over the past 4-6 years

i was thinking Merlene Otty, but she is still running i think?
Gail Devers??

From memory, looks like a very dark version of Susen Tiedke!

Carl Lewis. Yup, definitely Carl Lewis.

It’s not yours???

Not Ottey & not Devers She is a former Olympic/World Champion.

But am interested in Charlies memories of Susan Tiedke…

is there something your not telling us here Charlie :smiley: :eek: :slight_smile:

Marie-Jose Perec

Some significant similarities. Good call!

MJP seems to be taller than nanny’s mystery athlete no?

Shut up Herb! You’re already disqualified after your earlier guess!
BTW, is there something YOU’RE not telling us?

Never met her but, Ange did. She and her husb at the time Joe Greene hung around with Ange quite a bit at the World Indoor Champs when they found out who she was married to. Small world.
Just check her out on the internet for yourself

I got it I got it Jackie Joyner Kersee?



Fiona May ?

I’ve tried to lookup all major champs from sprints, hurdles & jump events on google images. No match so this must be a rare and good chosen picture :slight_smile:
As most of the WC before '90 were German/Sovjet winners it must be someone from after that period I think.

I second Fiona May.

And the winner is JOHN although i am concerned with HERB’S his first guess in Carl Lewis…

stay tuned for part 2… OK yes its been a quiet weekend…

have made this one a bit easier…before i bring out the big guns…