Who is the Charlie Francis of Change of Direction/Agility?

Looking to learn from the best. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Books, Articles, Videos, etc

Thanks in advance.

Can you tell us about yourself? What are your goals? What sport are you pursuing? You can’t really expect a quality reply when your question is so general and brief.

I don’t understand what the Question is?

I spent on hour on the phone last week discussing this very topic with S&C Coach Greg Choat (he uses our timing equipment to measure COD). He has established protocols for testing both directions to identify imbalances, monitors recovery time for ATP recovery, and measures the difference in athlete arousal based on verbal starts vs athlete go-when-ready starts. He is a member of Mike Boyle’s Strength Coach forum (it’s a paid membership, but it’s only $1 for the first 3 days and then you can cancel if you want). If you search COD on that forum, there are some discussions on the topic as well as some good videos with training cues. I’ve read positive reviews of the Parisi combine drills as well; you should check their site too. Mike Young is team fitness coach for the Vancouver Whitecaps. He recently posted a five part series on the 40 yard dash and he likely has a similar detailed analysis on COD.


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