who has Ian King trained?

Anyone care to speculate who Ian King has trained? It says in the front of one of his books that he has had an athlete of his in every olympic games since 86’ or 84’. My question is who? Sorry if this is in the wrong forum by the way, I just figured since King is a STRENGTH coach this should go in the STRENGTH forum.

shane11112, Ian usually doesn’t reveal who he trains. He likes to maintain privacy. I know he has worked with professional rugby teams.

Charlie has also worked with Ian several times, we hold Ian in high regard.

I second that!

In an interview during the last summer games, one of Australias top swimmers and multi olympic medalists (who retired), thanked Ian during an interview on TV. Unfortunately I forgot the name, but it was one of the big dogs in swimming.

His name was Kierin Perkins (1500m). He is still working with elite swimmers in Queensland (Aus).