Who has had/has the highest stride frequency

Who has had/has the highest stride frequency in history in 100 meter srpinting?

Probably Tim Montgomery. I have no clue on the data, just a guess from my observation. I believe Charlie said before he went well over 5 strides per second during his WR.

Pierrejean did an analysis in the archives. I remember Tim topping out around 5.33 strides per second. There was a sugestion that Ira Murchison from the 1950s had a higher frequency as he was only 5ft3in.

You could always run like 7 strides per second if you were a knucklehead and you’d probably end up running 20 seconds for the 100. It’s all about length x frequency. Either one on it’s own doesn’t tell the whole story.

Pierrejean did an analysis in the archives.

where do we find those?

I’m no good at the search function but you could click on pierrejean’s name and search his posts

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RT 0.104
10m 1.85 1.74
20m 2.91 1.06
30m 3.82 0.91
40m 4.70 0.88
50m 5.54 0.84
60m 6.37 0.83
70m 7.21 0.84
80m 8.05 0.84
90m 8.90 0.85
100m 9.78 0.88

Thanks to everyone. Charlie Frances posting hmm, very good :slight_smile:
What is knucklehead anyway as English is not my fortee lol?
A question! Did Tim have that high turnover as he had short limbs/legs and it was the only one way he could win from?
I will do a search as well as suggested.

That was just his style…

Step Frequency 10m sections
That is a step frequency of Tim, the ANALysis made by pierrejean.
The total steps 4.3 + 5.23 etc = 51.14. Is it accurate?

Not only that but if going further by ANALysis of pierrejean and multiply stride length on stride frequency Tim and Asafa ran off both over 100 meters and where it was stoped timing is a question. What ANALysis the guy has been doing actually?

The numbers are not the number of step per 10m section, they are the step frequency per second, over 10m section. Montgomery has the highest frequency ever.
Ira Murchinson during the '50s and Aleksandr Kornelyuk during the '70s were well over 5 steps/sec. In the women side, Göhr and Auerswald topped 5.4 steps/sec.

Why do you put ANAL in caps? Do you have issues or something?

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Why do you put THE before data? You could as well put A, AN, DA, ZE or just simply say I have no clue on data. You could as well say just the guess, just da guess, just an guess, just guess etc. You have e shoes with the and a putting before words? English is not my mother language but nevertheless? You addicted to using the a and an? The the the? :frowning:
Thanks pierrejean for your explanation.