whirlpool stretching

is it counterproductive to do my post workout stretches in the whirpool?
:confused: It seems to help but my old track coach once said it gives the perception that you are more loose than your flexibility dictates.
Hope that makes sense

It would help to loosen the muscles because of the heat, however he is right …you could technically overstretch if your not careful.

could the heat worsen post workout inflammation?

Post workout inflammation is not a bad thing! There should be a lot of blood flow to the area to promote tissue healing. Cold is only to numb the nerves and therefore the any pain, inflammation is good.

Perhaps specific info about the workout would help. All I do is lift for about 1hr then I jog on the treadmill or use another low impact aerobic machine for some cardio. I am just trying to stay in shape until I start doing some sprints in the late fall. I am not competing in anything and I can deal with soreness to some degree.

If your constricted for time then go ahead, however if you can seperate them than do the stretching before the whirlpool (just to be safe).