Which ZMA should I get?

Well, I’m about to jump on the bandwagon… which company produces the best quality ZMA? I read in the other thread that they aren’t all the same

Biotest and SNAC.

Actually I placed an order with BIOTEST last night, but I’m cancelling it on Monday.
They charge $35 shipping!!! On a $20 product, I feel like I’ve been ripped off… they lost their asses a customer.

i hope you didnt make the mistake of ordering directly from the company? there are numerous online discount sites that wont kill you when it comes to price or shipping, but it depends on where you live i guess

Well, I purchased it off their website. Where else would I get it?

it is more expensive to buy biotest from biotest…www.netrition.com is a good start.

personally i use either
dpsnutrition.com (check shipping methods)
or supplementcentral.com

dps has the best prices ive seen, and if your item is under 10lbs. you can get ups ground shipping for 5 bucks. (if your in the usa)


For those interested I have it set up that you can call SNAC Systems directly and order the 90 capsules of the original ZMA for 14.95 plus shipping by calling


Mention my name- Tom Green

and they will give you the discount.

This is a special discount I thought the group would appreciate.

If anyone has any questions please contact me at greent1@hotmail.com

As I think 716 pointed out here once ZMA is one of the cheapest supplements out there and there is no difference in price between the good and the bad, so just look a little harder and get the best for a not-too expensive price.


if you are in the states id take tom up on his offer, in Canada, i know www.sndcanada.com has pretty good deals on just about every supplement. remember to stick with the basic (and best) formula. ive tried others with trib or amino acids thrown in and they dont work anywhere near aswell.

I have not had any ZMA for about a week. I am quite sore at the moment. You don’t know what you have until it is not there any more. (The sad part is, is that I sell ZMA I have just been to lazy, I mean busy to get myself some).

is zma ok if your 15yrs old?

Just noticed our old friends Maximuslce have a combined product INCORPORATING zma.

Look at the user instructions too!


Maximuscle - Testo Kick x 90 Capsules

Product Information
Testo-Kick incorporating ZMA TM is Maximuscle’s most exciting and strongest ‘Testo’ boosting formula to date.

To give this formula a real kick, Maximuscle have given you 500mg (per 2 caps) of the strongest Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris in existence, with a 68% protodioscin level, the part that has shown to be anabolic and is responsible for increasing muscle size, Testosterone boosting and strength. In a recent study, subjects were shown to have gained 5lb in lean muscle and add 18lb to their bench press in just 6-10 weeks, whilst helping lower stress induced Cortisol release, therefore improving recovery. To ensure you only get the finest formula, Maximuscle have also included 520mg of patented ZMA TM. This exact ZMA TM was used in 28 clinical studies and was proven to increase Testosterone by 43.7%, strength by 7% and IGF-1 by a whopping 25.1% over the placebo group! Most amazingly ZMA TM is a unique combination of Zinc Monomethionine and Magnesium Aspartate, meaning it’s safe and legal. For maximum effectiveness, Testo-Kick also includes MAXSORBTM, a patent pending absorption system using Bioperine and Forskohlii, that can increase bioavailability by 154%, dramatically helping the effectiveness of the formula. You will not find a stronger and more effective ‘Testo’ formula anywhere, try it and become a believer. Please note some people may experience a libido increase when using this product.

Label Information
Servings per container: 22
Serving size: 4 VegicapsTM
Amount per 4 VegicapTM serving: Tribulus Terrestris (68% protodioscin content) 988mg
ZMA 516mg
Forskohlii 148mg
Boron Asparate 14mg
BioperineTM 6mg

Other ingredients
Magnesium stearate, Dicalcium Phosphate.

Recommended use
Take 2 caps 30 Minutes before training and 2 caps immediately after training. Always take 4 caps daily.


Your post says that Testo-kick contains
516 mg of ZMA per 4 Vegicap serving size.
The authentic ZMA contains 810 mg of ZMA per capsule and the serving size is 3 capsules or 2,430 mg of ZMA per
serving size. A 3 capsule serving size of authentic ZMA yields a total of 30 mg of elemenal zinc an 450 mg of elemental magnesium. It appears that the Testo-kick, with only 516 mg of ZMA, would only
yield a total of 6.37 mg of elemental zinc
and 95.46 mg of elemental magnesium
per serving.

Unless I am missing something, this product does NOT contain enough
authentic ZMA (only about 20%) to produce results similar to those obtained in the ZMA study.

Secondly, please note that the Testo-kick
contains a filler called Dicalcium Phosphate, which will significantly reduce
the absorption of both the zinc and magnesium in the product. Dicalcium
Phosphate is the same filler that GNC
uses in all of their mineral products
and it causes reduced absorption
and utilization of most of the other
minerals. Unless I am missing something,
this product does not provide enough
ZMA to be an effective source of zinc and

Finally, the recommended use of Testo-kick says to take two capsules before
training and two capsules after training.
This is NOT the proper protocol for ZMA,
which is to take it 30-60 minutes before

In short, if your car needs 20 gallons of ZMA gas to get you from point A to poin B, do you think that only 4 gallons of the same gas will get you there?

It appears that advertising can be a very tricky business! If I am missing something here, please let me know.

Hope this information will help in the
evaluation of this product.


What are your thought on a good source of joint repair producs. Any thoughts on bovine colostrum.

Thanks 716,

I was sure, considering the orign, that this product had major definicies.

I hadn’t any intention of using it but found it strange that the ZMA formula would be mixed with other constituents especailly since the SNAC literature and your previous posts stressed avoidance.

And as I pointed out - the instructions of use are TOTALLY contary to the protocals you advised.

As you say “advertising can be a very tricky business

Thank you for the concise, informing post - once again

I’ve just got some biotest ZMA - figured it would be a better option than creatine ( after much contemplation )
Can’t wait to feel like a teenager again - will I get moody wear black and rediscover my skateboard ? :smiley:

Are there any restrictions in using ZMA, such as age? (adolescent vs adult) and I dunno if this is a dumb question, but I read in an earlier post from CF that SNAC is one company that tests in the US for illegal substances for IAAF, how can we be certain that this is true? Mind you, I am not doubting the people at SNAC or Charlie, I’m sure they know better then I, but I would like to learn/know how can we know this for sure since your career is on the line (maybe more)?


since you mentioned joint repair… what do you think of CMO?