which elite sprinters use CF methods

I am just curious… but which world class athletes use the CF model of mechanics, periodization, and conditioning in the 100. or are coached by him.
I remember reading a thread that severely badgered certain philosophies of other well recognized and highly successful coaches. However I am of the ilk that will ask…"does it work?
At the end of the day these other coaches and athletes have…WRs, championships, and decent pocket change just for showing up.

Now, before anyone starts typing faster than Bens SR…I am not implying anything is wrong with CF models, nor am I saying CF has stated his way is perfect. It has obviously been a good fit for many others. As a matter of fact as I watched Leonard Scott race against JG he seemed to be stepping down and driving the hands down moreso that BACK.

I would like this to be a teaching/learning moment for me because I really do not know anyone other than Ben who has been under CF tutelage.
Fire away!!!

Other sprinters:
5 sub 9.8 guys and 2 of them came from CF and one using the methods (BJ, Tim Montgomery, Gatlin). Trevor Graham’s group uses his methods.

John Smith also, while different in some ways, uses a fair amount of Charlie’s ideas (he uses CF’s “Big Circuit” for example as tempo).

You may be bombarded with info, a laundry list of world class athletes/ coaches from the members or maybe ignored altogether for your incredulousness. “How dare you!” I’m kidding here. I will fire the first salvo by simply saying that the list of athletes and coaches who consult with Charlie prepresents a “who’s who” in athletics. It’s pathetic but many will not admit working with “The One Who Shall Not Be Mentioned.” Never the less, many elite level coaches incorporate Charlie’s training philosophy, if not copy it word for word from his publications. I belive it is fact that the coach of one of the two 100 meter record holders was seen with Coach’s training book. Marion Jones talks about her brief time training under Charlie in her book. I understand that during this time, her 60 meter training was under the current world record. As my brothas would say, "Niggapleeze… You betta recognize. Charlie’s the shiznit!!! Or "Are you kidding me? Charlie is the best!!!


Tell me what I am doing wrong here. My sprinters are trying to step down and they feel less GCT but it seems that the speed is lost and the jumping is increased once they go about 15 meters after a 20 buildup. WHat is happening? How do I correct it? Is this a growing pain associated w/ change in mechanics. I admit, just today I worked with a kid who is the perfect candidate for using this step down approach. He ran in flats and sweats w/o blocks and did impressively but it seemed he was slowing down at the 45m mark. He did admit it was more fatiguing than how I used to have him sprint but had more Triple Ext than in the past.
WHatcha think?

I think you are getting a little worked up over this stepping over and down approach and should maybe just let the kids run a bit. Have you timed any of the runs? Are they faster w/o the technique you are teaching them or with it? Changes can take some time to get used to so I wouldn’t give up on it just yet. Relax and let the natural learning take its course.

If this, by the way, is what you referred to as CF methods, there are quite a few others who employ this, including Asafa (probably the best example) and Mo on his good days.

Are they fighting for stride frequency or are they relaxed when they run? Can you attach any short video clips?

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They are staying pretty relaxed but they seemed a bit suprised by how tall they are running and how much “air time” they have achieved. I know that is not the focus but that is what they notice most. They stated that they feel more power initially but even I noticed when I add the cue of stepping over… they seem to lean back and prance more than they are sprinting.

I am working on the video. It is a bit difficult because of privacy and consent issues. They are still minors. I would need to blot out the face or something. :confused:

I’ve met Eric-a great guy and of African descent by the way. His larger point of CF’s influence is what we should be discussing.


Have you told them to make the correction while they run? If so that may be the problem.
CF has mentioned that you don’t have the athletes think about technique too much while they are running. Doing so will slow them down and interfere with their natural running. I really suggest CFTS if you don’t already have it; that and Speed Trap. You can learn a lot from the forums, but getting it all laid out will make things clearer, IMO.

Just like the rule on drug talk, the same applies to derogatory words.

Lets keep this forum clean.

To put it simply sonic, are the times faster or not?

I think I may be giving them too much at once. For instance some do not need to worry about stepping over. Their angles seem to be adequate as of right now. As a matter of fact, the positive hip ht is allowing for more pronounced mechanics (lifting, minimized backside mech, shorter lever while stepping over). SOmetimes I do yell out cues whilst running. :o

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It looks as if I may have to dig into my pocket of lint and find ome extra change. So right now I am trying figure out what is the most info for the money. (book, dvd)
Any donations would be appreciated :wink:
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As a result, these forums are my DVDs and training. All I am trying to do until he orders it is fill in the gaps. Everyone has been great.

Yes, you may be overanalyzing the situation. I’d be careful with over-cueing or trying to force a single cue if it isn’t working. You don’t want them thinking much when they’re sprinting. What age are these athletes? High schoolers?

you know :eek: I just thought of something.
When they are cued to use the stepping down, they usually have only built up speed for 20m from a crouch position. Would this have any neg effect?

Depends on their speed. The faster they can go, the farther they will accelerate (stay forward). If you see them suddenly shoot upright, the cue is too soon. if they rise up gradually and evenly, you’re ok.

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Seriously, you nailed it on the head. That is exactly what I am seeing. As a result, it appears that they are not even focused on their accel because they are thinking about a moment or spot on the track where I told them to begin SD.
My Qmiler accel so slow that she isn’t even close to where she begin to focus on stepping down. My hopes havwe been that she foregoes the hoops season and begins working on her GPP in Dec. so we can focus on accel.

Don’t under-estimate basketball as a form of general preparation :slight_smile: As for acceleration, that’s the heart of basketball, that and plyometrics.

alright, I agree to some extent but what areas of GPP would basketball season cover so I can build around that.
eg- it deals w/ plyos but which plyos would this be a sub for in a track program?
-it has some acceleration but what area specifically?
-would the aerobic base provided during the hoop season count as tempo? if so, int or ext

It seemed to me that no one was in shape last year when they came from hoops. I think a good program might uphold what you are stating but maybe not this one in particular.