Which Elite Male 100m Sprinter has the best weightlifting technique?

Just curious, based on what some members have seen in the weightrooms of such sprinters.

I think the question should be redefined or at least the names should be better selected.

Usain Bolt - minimal focus on weights
Asafa Powell - minimal focus on weights

Tyson Gay
Maurice Greene
Ben Johnson
Linford Christie
Alan Wells - minimal focus on weights
Donovan Bailey
Carl Lewis - minimal focus on weights

Mark McKoy

The only guy I’ve seen who was any good at weightlifting is Jonathan Edwards - even then he wasn’t that good. Everyone else who can lift is a thrower.

Results from Bejing for Women:

48Kg Women

Name Born Nation B.weight Group Snatch Cl&Jerk Total
1 CHEN Xiexia 08.01.1983 CHN 47.46 A 95 117 212
2 OZKAN Sibel 03.03.1988 TUR 47.80 A 88 111 199
3 CHEN Wei-Ling 04.01.1982 TPE 47.11 A 84 112 196

53Kg Women
Rank Name Born Nation B.weight Group Snatch
Cl&Jerk Result
29.05.1984 THA 52.47 A 95 126 221
2 YOON Jinhee 04.08.1986 KOR 52.72 A 94 119 213
3 NOVIKAVA Nasstasia 16.11.1981 BLR 52.87 A 95 118 213

58Kg Women
Rank Name Born Nation B.weight Group
Snatch Cl&Jerk Result
1 CHEN Yanqing
05.04.1979 CHN 57.66 A 106 138 244
2 SHAINOVA Marina 14.03.1986 RUS 57.93 A 98 129 227
3 O Jong Ae 17.01.1984 PRK 57.15 A 95 131 226

69Kg Women
Rank Name Born Nation B.weight Group Snatch
Cl&Jerk Result
1 LIU Chunhong 29.01.1985 CHN 68.87 A 128 158 286
2 SLIVENKO Oxana 20.12.1986 RUS 68.47 A 115 140 255
3 DAVYDOVA Natalya 22.07.1985 UKR 68.63 A 115 135 250

The reason I put these weights up is that I know Edward’s PB for Clean was 150Kg or there about. Note that a 69Kg women can clean and then JERK this weight. How is this possible? The answer is technique! Technique is the biggest determining factor in weightlifting success not strength.

158 at 69… Just makes me want to quit.

How many male athletes can clean and JERK 120Kg? I bet none of the Jamaican’s can.

Name Time BW P.Cl Ratio

Jonathan Edwards 72 150 2.08
Mark McKoy 13.08 78 150 1.92
Ryan Scott 10.28 88 150 1.70
DW 88 150 1.70
Colin Jackson 12.91 74 142.5 1.93
Jason Gardener 9.98 74 140 1.89
Daniel Plummer 10.33 88 140 1.59
James Ellington 10.38 82 137.5 1.68
Duncan Malins 13.76 81 137.5 1.70
Craig Pickering 10.14 83 137.5 1.66
Dominic Girdler 13.78 85 135 1.59
Chris Baillie 13.44 75 132.5 1.77
Will Sharman 13.49 81 130 1.60
Marlon Devonish 10.06 82 130 1.59
Chris Lambert 20.34 85 130 1.53
Mark Lewis-Francis 10.04 90 130 1.44
Richard Alleyn 13.71 81 125 1.54
Dale Garland 49.79 79 120 1.52
David Hughes 13.57 85 120 1.41
Allan Scott 13.62 81 120 1.48
Harry Aikines-Aryeetey 10.35 83 115 1.39
Nick Gayle 13.95 86 115 1.34
Rob Newton 13.36 87 115 1.32
Andy Turner 13.27 75 110 1.47
Steve Green 50.17/46.69 72 105 1.46
Leon Baptiste 10.33 79 105 1.33

I really doubt you would know what Asafa or Bolt would do in the weight room, unless you have physically watched them train, which would be unlikely.

What coaches/athletes say and do are two seperate things.

Hell I’d be happy with 130Kg at 80Kg! Remember these girls can clean probably 10Kg more than they do in comp where the jerk really limits you.

Beyond the intermediate level most lifters are technically proficient so the determining factor definately IS strength. The best super is still the strongest man on earth.

It should also be noted that the men’s 69 is won with a jerk of 185 - 195. From recollection Dabaya certainly doesn’t power clean much more than 160kg so JE isn’t too far off at a comparable body weight.

I really doubt you would know what Asafa or Bolt would do in the weight room, unless you have physically watched them train, which would be unlikely.

There are videos and many quotes that indicate those guys do not lift heavy weights. Mills has said many times that weight training has not been playing a major role with Collins and Bolt’s training.

On the other side Powell is too lazy to lift his finger.

There is no doubt that they do lift but to what extent …it is a big question mark. I think those guys can not BP more than 120kg.

Have you got any evidence that they actually can?

Asafa’s PB is 135kg for Bench Press (from his own words a couple of years ago). Not too bad for a lazy.

This mark is confirmed here
“Powell, who set the 100-meter world record of 9.74 seconds on Sept. 9 in Reiti, Italy, tore the muscle while attempting one repetition at 315 pounds in the bench press. Powell’s previous best was 300 pounds.”

However, in February, a journalist working for L’Equipe witnessed a test workout including press-ups to depletion, Asafa did only 30, the worse performance of the whole group.

Max strength vs Strength endurance (lazyness?), thoughts?

Only 30 push ups :eek: :eek:

I guess he wasnt during a neg bp.

The higher your fast-twitch fibre content the greater the difference between your 1RM and a weight (e.g. your body weight) you can lift for a large number of times.

Certainly the case but when it comes to something to push ups you’d expect a bit more. Plus Ben Johnson could do 6 reps with a weight that was pretty close to his max anyways.

I thought the 2x6x600 was close to 78-83%?

Didnt charlie mention that because SE was a important factor, that Ben could not have squatted THAT much more with 1 rep.

A couple of guys from MVP stated that he was doing a slow neg at the time of the injury at a weight above his max- they didn’t specify how much. As Franno has stated over and over that his objective is to be safe with weights, I have to believe this idea came from elsewhere.